Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring? Is that you?

I don't dare get too excited about this too-good-to-be-true weather this weekend! Afterall, it is only the beginning of March, and there is most likely more winter yet to come! I just won't think about it right now. This weekend was amazing! The last two days have been beautifully sunny around 50! Absolutely perfect for a late winter day.

Yesterday, we headed down to visit my parents to celebrate my dads birthday. We grilled out, went for a walk outside, and enjoyed some family time. After that, we drove back home and headed out to dinner with some good friends!

Today, the weather was even better! Not a cloud in the sky and in the low 50s. The girls were itching to get outside, and so were we! Kevin got all of the girls outside toys out of the shed, and they went crazy. They were so pumped to be able to play outside! Kevin got our lounge chairs out, and I parked my butt on one and read my Oprah magazine. The sun felt soooo good! I hadn't felt so warm and cozy in months. Once Clara woke from her morning nap, we brought her exersaucer outside and she played..and played. Everyone was so happy.

I hadn't felt so free in such a long time, and I think the kids would agree. We have been itching to be out of the house for more than 20 minutes at a time for months, and we finally got our time! It is amazing how much happier everyone is when we're outside having fun together. It only makes me more excited for the next few months to come. Life is going to be awesome! I love seeing the girls get so excited about playing outside! I have a feeling this weather is nothing but a tease though!

I bet we will get whalloped with snow at least one more time this season. The good news is the snow won't last long...

Here are some photos of the girls enjoying their time outside today! We all had a blast together...come on, spring! 


  1. Wow! Your snow is all gone!! I am so jealous... we're a long way from being outside with no coat on but there is hope that we will take the spring coats out this week! the girls look great as usual!

  2. Thanks! They're getting SO big...SO fast!

    It really is amazing, Vero! Last year, it was April before our snow was gone. We have hardly had any this year...I am not complaining though!

  3. I am so glad you all had a great weekend ;) We had the same lovely weather and I am so grateful. We've been outside everyday since Last Wednesday and we are loving it. Like you though, I am bracing myself for more snow. NY is so much like New England with it's weather patterns. We could get "freak snow fall" as late as may ;(


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