Friday, March 19, 2010

First Day of School

Well, the time has come...Mairead officially started school today. She was so excited after our visit to preschool that she was really wanting to go. The head teacher at the school said it would be okay for her to start just once a week until the end of school. Kevin and I went back and forth about this, and ultimately, we thought this was the best choice. Mairead would have the opportunity to meet other little girls. While we have great friends here in Maine, a lot of them have boys the same age as Mairead. Mairead is as girly girl as they get, and she really loves to play with girls. This was also a great opportunity for her to get to know the children she will be with next fall three days per week.

We picked out her clothes last night, she was so excited. When she woke up, she asked when she would be going. It was hard to get her motivated to move quick! Since we got up at 8am, and had to be out of the door by 855 (we live .5 miles from school), it would be a busy morning. Our awesome neighbor was nice enough to watch Lilah & Clara for me so I didn't have to get them dressed, too. I also wanted to be able to focus on Mairead, and not chasing Lilah. When I dropped her off, she said hello to her teachers, and sat right down with some girls playing on the floor. I said my good-byes and left. She said "bye"

I came home to Lilah & Clara. It seemed weird with only two girls. It was quiet. I put Clara to sleep in anticipation of having some one-on-one time with Lilah. We went outside together and played. Just me and her. We had fun playing on the swings together. I put her in the baby swing, pushed her really fast, and then I'd jump on the swing and swing beside her. She thought that was the funniest thing. It was so cute laughing with her!

Once our playtime was over, it was time to pick up Mairead. We headed out. The kids were playing outside. Mairead was happily playing on the playground with the other kids. Lilah was psyched. She immediately started playing with the other kids in the sandbox. I spoke with the teachers about Mairead's first day. They were all delighted with Mairead. They said she acted like she had been there since day 1. Very content. Very happy. I couldn't be more proud of my baby girl. I watched the girls play with the other kids, and met some new moms. When it was time to go, Mairead says to me: "Mom! I loooove school!"

I think we made the right decision...

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