Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 6 months, Clara!

Happy 6 months to my sweet, beautiful Clara... 

Just about six months to the minute, I gave birth to my sweet, beautiful Clara. Clara's birth was probably one of the most amazing experiences I had ever had in my life. I will admit, the births of Mairead and Lilah were pretty amazing, too. Mairead's was amazing because it was my first, and it was just an invigorating experience. I was on cloud 9. With Lilah, it was surreal. I had such a complicated pregnancy with her, that to have her in my arms, was just amazing. I was so relieved to have her with me safe and sound.

As with the others, I had a completely drug free labor with Clara. Once things got started, she came in one hour. Like her sisters, she was in a rush to get out and see the world! Clara was our first child born in a different hospital. I delivered Clara at Mercy here in Portland, where you have to be at least 36 weeks. I was 36 weeks and 2 days. I walked in to their unit at 6cm dilated just two days after the removal of my cervical cerclage.

Her birth was everything I had wanted in a delivery. No interventions. The nurses were amazing. My OB was amazing. My husband was amazing. I could do whatever I wanted, and it felt great to be in control. We listened to Ray Lamontagne during labor, and it was just amazing all around. So peaceful. When Clara was born, she was on my chest for at least two hours. No one tried to take her away. Not even to weigh her. She was all mine. Chest to chest. She nursed immediately. Talk about heaven. It was as close to being in birthing center without having to forego the emergency capabilities of a hospital.

The memories of her birth are still so fresh to me. So fresh it makes it hard to believe it has been six months...a half of a year. Time goes by so fast. People tell you that it does, but until you live it, you don't believe it.

Little Clara is growing up before our eyes. She changes everyday. She is rolling both ways when it is convenient for her (haha), she can sit unsupported for a short amount of time, and puts anything and everything into her mouth. She looks at you and squeals. She laughs all the time, especially at her sisters. Her eyes can light up any room. She is full of energy, just like her big sisters. She loves to nurse - about 8-10 times per day. She would nurse all night if I let her. Her sleep is.....well.....not good. I'm not worried though. Her sisters went through similar issues around the same age. This too shall pass. I just have to keep telling myself that to keep me sane. We will start some solid foods in the next month or so. I think she will love it.

The next six months are going to go even faster. She will be full of bigger changes! Sitting up. Crawling. Pulling up. Walking. Talking. Eating. Laughing. Playing.

I can't wait for all of it. Love you little Clara Belle...

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  1. I can't believe it has been 6! Time certainly has flown by! I can say it just keeps getting better! Watching ALL 3 play together brings such joy! Leah loves her sisters....I know your 3 girls will be best of friends and playmates!!!!
    Now, if I could just find a way to get your 3 to meet my 3....that would be GREAT!!!


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