Sunday, February 28, 2010

It is ALWAYS an adventure!

After a crazy week weatherwise, we wanted to go on another ski trip with the girls! This time, we'd just go for the day. We had our babysitter, Cameron all set to head up to Maine with us. Our great friends were up there and were gracious enough to let us use their place so Lilah & Clara could have a comfy place to hang with the sitter. We weren't sure if we were going to go, the weather was supposed to be really crazy on Saturday, but we decided at the 11th hour to go!

We woke up at the butt crack of dawn - 5am. I hate mornings, so this is a big deal! We headed out in the slushy snow for Sunday River. The roads weren't great, and by the time we were more than halfway there, the roads were horrendous. Kevin even went off the road about 20 minutes away from the mountain. It was scary, but thankfully we were all fine. We kept on trekking! We got up there just in time to put Mairead in her all day ski school lesson.

The weather was snowy, but warm! We skied with our friends and had a fabulous time. We couldn't have been happier about coming up. The conditions were great, and we were with great company. We took periodic breaks to see Lilah and so I could nurse Clara. They were doing just fine! We visited Mairead at school during her lunch and she was doing great, so much better than last time! We told her we'd be back to see her ski later on. We skied some more and returned to watch Mairead ski. She was doing awesome! I am so proud of how well she was doing, and she seemed so comfortable. Her teacher said she was great and would be able to graduate to the next level the next time we came up. WooHoo! Go Mairead! Mairead was adamant about going onto the chairlift, her teacher said she would probably do just fine, so we did. She was so excited, and not scared at all! We made our trek all the way from South Ridge to Grand Summit. She skied on her own, and skied with some help from me. Kevin and I were psyched! Our first skier :) --- You can see the map above (probably have to click on it to see) where she skied. She started on the bottom middle, and made her way up and over! Can you tell I am so proud of her!?!

After skiing we got the girls dressed and headed to the pool. I remembered to take a snap shot with my phone of little Clara dressed in her bathing suit and hat. Once again, she didn't fail to impress the others in the hot tub. She loves it! Lilah & Mairead were in heaven too, and since it was snowing out, it made things even better! After that I made some homemade pizza for everyone and just hung out. Our babysitter had left and texted me about how bad the roads were, and we should stay. We planned on leaving anyways...but then Kevin and our friend drove down the hill to the store and our car got stuck! The roads were horrendous. Kevin called me and said we weren't going anywhere. Our friends hooked us up with a 1 bedroom unit and we had a comfy place to stay! The kids were psyched to have an unplanned sleepover at Sunday River, and we were thankful that we were all safe. It would have been bad news had we left.

Since it was unplanned, Kevin and I had no change of clothes, toiletries, etc - but we made the best of it and had a great time. The poor dogs were left to spend the night by themselves, but thankfully we have great friends nearby who were willing to help us out. They fed and took the dogs out for us! We are so lucky to have such great friends! We had so much fun, and the conditions were amazing! Definitely worth the craziness. The girls are exhausted....and so are we!

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  1. Mairead is doing awesome ;)
    So glad you are all safe, and had a fabulous weekend.


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