Friday, February 26, 2010

Another craaaaaaaaa-zy night!

Geeeeesh! It seems like it is always something around here! Hey! At least it never gets boring! It has been raining for what seems like daaaaaays around here...okay, since Wednesday, but that's long enough! We've been stuck in the house since then, and I'm ready for the weather to clear.

Last night I met a girlfriend at the mall for some shopping and dinner with Clara. It was fun, but seriously, I hadn't experienced wind and rain like that since hurricane season in south Florida! When I got home, the wind was horrendous. Our house is surrounded by very large trees. It sounded like a freight train moving through our yard. Very Scary. At that point (around 830pm) I was suprised we still had power, and knew it wouldn't be long. It was blowing hard and the rain was torrential!

Sure enough around 1015pm, the power went out...Mairead awoke to the sound of it going out, and Clara was still awake at that point. Kevin set up an old generator my dad had let us borrow during the icestorm in December 2008. That at least gave us power to the pellet stove, some lights and the fridge. By the time all was said and done, it was 1130pm. Mairead was still awake happily watching figure skating on TV, and Clara had fallen asleep. We decided to bring Lilah's mattress into our room since her room tends to get chilly with the door shut, and it was super dark in there. It was like a big campout in our bedroom. Mairead had her cot, Lilah had her mattress, Clara was in her bed, and me and Kev in ours. The wind was so scary, I couldn't stop thinking about a tree falling onto our house...a very real possibility living where we do.

Here it is 0856 and still no power. During the ice storm of 2008, we lost power on a Thursday night and got back on Sunday late. Hopefully it won't be anything like that!


  1. At least the ice storm was cool to look at and take pictures of! Rain is no fun! Hope you guys get power soon! If not you can come visit us. We have power!

  2. So glad the storm passed and you are all safe. It's kindof fun to camp out in mommy and daddy's room. Karrie said it was pretty bad out there. A tree fell on her barn, but I guess there was no damage and all the animals were fine.


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