Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A cute story...

Mairead loves to talk! I mean, what female doesn't!?! One place she loves to go is to the doctors office. I swear if Mairead is not a doctor, a nurse or in the health professions when she is older, I will be shocked!

Anyways...last week we were in the pedatricians office for Lilah & Clara's well child checks. We were talking about Lilah, and her development. Mairead of course tries to get in a word every few seconds or so, or a story about something or other! When we started talking about Lilah's vocabulary, Mairead pipes up and says:

"Lilah has a silky (lovey) and she calls it DICK! She says it like this: DICK" 

Nice. Dr. M looks up and of course all we could do was laugh. Lilah couldn't say ducky back in the fall, so she said "dick"  and Mairead thinks it's funny to repeat the funny things Lilah says.


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