Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleep is over-rated!

Ahhhhhhh....sleep. Where are you? I don't complain about being sleep deprived very often, but these last few days I have been feeling deprived! We finally got Clara to start napping great during the day, and she's even going to bed around, she's waking at 2am. I don't think she's hungry as I feed her before we go to bed around 1030-11pm. Sometimes I can get her to fall back asleep by rocking her in the bassinet/chair, but sometimes I have to nurse her. I don't mind nursing her if she is actually hungry!

She isn't the only child in our household who stopped sleeping well at this age. Both Mairead & Lilah went through this, too. I know the stage is short-lived, but I am ready to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep. Ill even take 5-6! I'm not too picky. We're trying to get Clara out of her "papasan" chair and onto her belly, but she rolls over onto her back and has a hard time falling back asleep. When she is swaddled, she can bust out of it when she we're in a bit of a hard place. I know time will fix it! It just sucks.

Last night, Clara was fed at 1030pm, and went right back to sleep. We shut the TV off around 11pm, and just as we fell into a deep sleep, Mairead came into our room. She said she had a bad dream. It's usually  not like her to come into our room. She crawled up into bed with us. Then, one of the dogs had a bad dream. Not sure which dog, but she was yelping loudly for a few minutes. Then Clara woke up. Ugh. We brought Mairead back to her room, I rocked/nursed Clara and we crawled back into bed. Just as we were falling asleep, Mairead came in again. This time we let her stay. By then, it was about 1215am....who needs to sleep? By then, we were laughing. Everyone but Lilah was awake...we knew it would be a rough night...We were right. Then at 225am, here awakes Clara. I just wanted sleep, so into our bed she came. She nursed for one hour. I couldn't take it anymore, so I swaddled her back up, and put her back into her seat. Then she never went back to sleep until almost 4am.......Then, at 5am, she awakes AGAIN. This time, I bring her into bed again, and she falls asleep until 845am. Mairead woke up with a 102 degree fever, which explains her coming into our room and having weird dreams all night.

Ohhhhhhhh.......sleep. Where are you? Please come back soon!


  1. I can still vividly remember that phase with Leah (probably why I am NOT pregnant!). It's so hard because you have been getting sleep. In the first few months lack of sleep becomes the way it is and your body/mind seems to adjust. Then you get sleep and on the nights when you don't you are like a drunk the next day!
    hoping for a GREAT nights rest for all the kids and parents tonight. I hope Mairead is feeling better. Will be praying for you all.

  2. Yes! It's like a big tease. Once you get that sleep, you need it! We have been blessed with pretty good sleepers from the get go, so the sleep deprivation is pretty minimal...I don't ask for much. If she eats at 1030 and sleeps until 430, I am completely happy. Since I don't let my babes cry it out, I am just have to wait for this phase to pass. I am hoping she sleeps well tonight!

  3. I don't let them "cry it out" until closer to 8 months-usually because by then they do have a set feeding schedule and are eating solids so I know if they have had 'enough' food.
    It passes quickly....even though it does not seem that way when you are in it.


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