Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Manic Mondays can lead to Terrific Tuesdays!

I love how one day can be so dramatic, and annoying, while the next can be so fun! I know everyday with kids can be so different which makes it much easier to get through the tough day. I know after the girls have gone to bed, I go upstairs to kiss them goodnight (after they've fallen asleep), my love and excitement for the next day is renewed. You see them all snuggled up with their blankets, sound asleep, and they just look so sweet and innocent. How could they possibly cause so much trouble? I love them anyways!

Today has been a great day. Today was the day Mairead and I went to visit a preschool. Kevin and I decided to keep Mairead out of school this year, and only put her in school the year before kindergarten. We have a lot of reasons why we chose to do this, and I'll save that for another day. Mairead was super excited, and so was mommy. Mairead has been talking about going to school for a while now. When I told Mairead we were going to visit a school her response was "When can I go? Do I get to sleep there? Do I get to take the bus there!?!?" Her excitement was obvious, and it made me happy.

We went to visit a small school here in Scarborough called "Our School" - it's right up the street from us. It was very homey, and it felt comfortable right away. Mairead fit right in. Most (actually, I think all the children come from stay at home mom/dad, which is important to me). She made her way around the classroom, and met a few students. She managed to sneak in a few paintings, and a craft with one of the teachers, too! When the teacher told me the tuition, I almost choked on my own spit.....$387/month. Ouch. Both Kevin and I have a hard time choking down that kind of money for preschool, but Mairead really wants to go. Later in the day, Mairead says "I'd like to go to school tomorrow without you.." I wonder if it will really be that easy!?!

After our visit to the school, we came home and got ready to go to the Portland Pirates hockey game in Portland. Kevin's office had a morale event, so we met some of Kevin's co-workers and one of Mairead & Lilah's good friends, Dylan there. They loved it! Mairead was jumping up and down, and Lilah even did great, too! Of course a little cotton candy helped for the kids, and a cold beer for mom and dad! Everyone was happy. I love it.

On our way home, everyone was tired. Lilah crashed before we even got home. Clara is napping, too. Kevin and I are home wondering if we'll be able to hit the slopes at Sunday River this weekend! Hoping a sitter, friends or my parents will be able to have some fun with us!

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