Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Sunday River Ski Weekend!

We're back from our family weekend at Sunday River! It was great to have a weekend just having fun with the girls, my parents, and of course, some alone time with Kevin. The weekend started off a bit shaky. Kevin was not able to get out of work early, so I raced around all morning getting everything set to go so when Kevin got home, we could just jump in the car and leave. Thankfully, I had our babysitter come for a few hours, once she left, the kids were on their own - ha ha ha - not really, but I felt like I just ignored them. Kevin got home about 430pm, and we were on our way, late, but we were on our way. The girls did great on the way up there, even Clara!

When we arrived, the girls were so excited! It was dark, and Mairead was very curious about this "mountain" she would be skiing on. We made some quesadillas for dinner, and headed to the outdoor pool while we waited for my parents to arrive. It was Clara's first time in a swimming pool! I felt bad because it was about 20 degrees and windy outside, and it was COLD! She was a bit stunned, and didn't last long. The girls didn't care, they were so excited! They couldn't stop talking about swimming outside in the "wintertime". Too cute! When my parents arrived, the girls were off the wall. Mairead fell asleep about 10pm, and Lilah about 1015pm. Lilah climbed out of her pack-n-play at 5am and was walking around the place, thankfully we heard her. She didn't fall asleep until about 615am.

Once we woke up, it was busy! We had to get all of our ski stuff ready. Mairead was excited. She would be taking her first all day ski lesson. We dropped her off at ski school. This was the first time Kevin and I had ever left her for something like this. She did fine. Makes me happy to know she'll do great in school when it is time to leave her there. Me, Kevin and my dad headed off on our own while my mom had Clara and Lilah back at the condo.

Here is Mairead all ready to ski! She was on the "red" team for kids who have never skied before. She was on "Queen Elizabeth's" team, and she was her princess. Too cute!

The ski conditions were just okay, pretty icy, but I wasn't complaining. This was the first time I had been skiing in 5 years - my longest drought ever! It's just like riding a bike...We had to head back to Clara every few hours so I could nurse her. My mom attempted to give her a bottle, but she wasn't having any of that! It wasn't a problem. It was an excuse to get warm, and cuddle with my baby. 

Kevin and I were able to catch a few runs by ourselves. It was nice to have some alone time without kids. It's been since before Christmas that Kevin and I have had a date. On one of our runs we got the call from ski school, Mairead wouldn't eat lunch and was upset. We raced back to the lodge, which took a while! I felt horrible, praying Mairead was not hysterically upset. When I got there, she was hugging one of her "coaches" crying. I felt horrible. I gave her a big hug, and talked to her about it. She missed her momma and daddy. I asked her if she wanted to continue skiing, and mamma would watch her. She agreed, and hopped on the ski mobile to catch up with her class. She did GREAT! I was shocked. I spoke with her teacher about her morning, and she said she actually did awesome, and was progressing nicely. She also said she didn't break down until lunch, and did great before that. Me, Kevin and my dad watched Mairead for a while until she felt comfortable again. It was fun watching our little girl ski! It definitely made us super excited for the future when all of our kids will be skiing with us!
Here are a few videos of Mairead skiing with her class! 
Once our ski day was over, we picked Mairead up at ski school. We then headed off to the Foggy Goggle with my parents, and the girls. We sat out on the deck, and enjoyed the warm sunshine.....oh, and the cold beers! The girls loved watching the people ski down the mountain. Mairead was so excited about her ski experience. She kept talking about how she wanted to try the chair lift next! Overall, it was a fun, successful ski day for all. 

Once we got back, we relaxed a bit, and headed down to the pool with the girls. It was great. The girls absolutely loved it, and were not phased by the cold at all. Since Clara was cold the night before, I made sure I put a winter hat on her. We went right into the hot tub this time, and she LOVED it! It was hilarious because she was in  this cute bathing suit and a winter hat. Everyone in the pool was in awe over her. I wish I had my camera, because it was sooo cute. The girls thought it was great they were allowed in the hot tub. We all had frozen hair. After the pool, we dried off in the sauna, showered and went to the Phoenix for dinner. The girls did great. We were in shock Mairead was still happy and functional after her big day skiing! At dinner, the girls were dancing as the band set up!  They were entertaining the entire pub. Everyone was having a really great time.
This morning, we got up, and of course, everyone slept great! We all were exhausted. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get a late check out time, so we had to start packing right away. I was disappointed I wouldn't be able to take Mairead skiing, but I didn't want to spend $77 dollars for a few hours on the magic carpet (bunny hill), not to mention make Kevin sit in the lodge with Lilah and Clara. Oh well, now we know she likes it, and we will certainly have to bring her again. The girls were sad to leave, they love going away so much. They all did so great! It was a lot of work, I mean skiing is a lot of work without kids, but in the end, it was completely worth it. We had a really great time, and we are thankful for my parents who were able to help out a ton with the girls. I hope they had as much fun as we had. For such a last minute ski trip, it all came together, and we were able to have a great time together. It was just what the doctor ordered for the winter blues!


  1. I am not a skier, but I have a feeling David and Chiara will have me out there some day!! Loved hearing how much fun you all had. Wish I could have seen Miss Clara in that suit!!!

  2. It's a great family activity! It felt amazing to be outside, it was just what I needed. We spend so much time inside during this time of year, that we forget how great it is to be outside. It was sunny and about 25, so really perfect weather. I wish skiing wasn't SO expensive. It cost $77 per day to ski for an adult! That is just INSANE!!!!!

  3. Great pics and vids Steph! I am so glad it all worked out and you guys had fun. I agree with the expensive part. I started skiing when I was 3yrs old as well, and feel sad that I can't do that finacially for my kids @ this point in our life. Hopefully someday. ;)


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