Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful winter day with my girls! can almost smell spring now! I love it. We were supposed to get a snow storm yesterday into today, but instead, we got just about an inch! I was kind of bummed because I was looking forward to taking the girls sledding, or building a snowman together, but instead, we got nothing. Oh well.

We woke up today to a beautifully blue sky. The smell of spring was in the air. Our kitchen was filled with warm sunlight. It was so warm in our house I turned down the pellet stove, and opened a few windows. It felt amazing to air out the house a bit!

My girlfriend Kristen, came over today with her two kids, who are the same age as Mairead & Lilah. They hadn't seen each other in a while. It never fails that one our kids is sick, so we stay away. For a change, we were all healthy, so it was playtime! The kids played great. I love watching Mairead & Owen interact with each other! Lilah & Lily just played together. I'm glad the girls got to have some play time with their friends.

Sometimes I feel so isolated in the winter. Since it is RSV season still, I've been pretty cautious taking the kids to "germ pits". Clara is too little to handle RSV, and after dealing with RSV with Lilah, I am scared. It's a nasty, nasty virus that can have some pretty serious consequences for the little ones. No thanks...Thankfully I have good friends who like to get together and play!

I am so anxious for spring and summer when we can spend the entire day outside playing together! It is going to be so great this summer! Mairead and Lilah are at such an awesome age, and Clara will be starting to be on the move! Good times are yet to come! I can't wait...

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