Monday, February 1, 2010

Manic Mondays!

Why can Mondays be so painful!?!

Every Monday I always ask myself what was I thinking signing Mairead up for a 1015am dance class!? It is at the most horrible time. I feel like as soon as we get out of bed we rush, rush, rush! This morning, Mairead was up at 7am, which is very early for her. When she wakes early, I know it's going to be a "whine, whine, whine" day...We're trying to teach her to stay in her room until it is time to "wake up", which is about 8am. We have an alarm clock in there, and when the radio goes off, she is allowed to come out of her room. She's getting better at it. For almost 4 years, she has woken up most mornings next to her momma. Kevin and I both feel it is time for her to wake up in her own bed. Lilah does it, and it's Mairead's time. I miss it though...

Once Mairead's alarm went off, she came and snuggled with me and Clara. It was great. I love the morning snuggle time with my girls. Once that was over, I jumped in the shower. Lilah was still asleep at this point. By 845am, Lilah was still asleep. I opened her door, and she eventually made her way into our bedroom....crabby. Ugh. I could see the writing on the wall. Mairead, whiney....Lilah, crabby....a recipe for fighting! She hopped into bed with Mairead, and they started fighting immediately. Lilah wanted this, Mairead wanted that, Lilah didn't have enough blankets, Mairead wanted more blankets......see the trend of the day starting? You know how I feel about whining! It immediately put me in whine overload.

We finally made our way downstairs, and they were hungry. We had a very early dinner yesterday, and  coupled with a fairly early bedtime, they were more than ready to eat this morning! Once breakfast was done, we had to get dressed and ready to head out to dance class. Once I got Lilah dressed, she was undressed and in dress up clothes! I was able to nurse Clara while the girls played for a few. The poor kid was ready to go down for her morning nap, but little did she know, the nap would be "on the go" today. It's tough because she doesn't even have time for a little cat nap.

We got to dance at 1010am. Surprised we weren't late! Lilah has a snack while she watches Mairead dance. She wants to participate so badly. I can't wait until she is old enough to dance. Once dance was over, we made our way to Hannaford to do a grocery run. The girls are so good in the grocery store! I am so thankful for that. People usually look at me like I am crazy for bringing three little children to the store by myself, but how else is the kitchen going to be stocked??? I also think it is important for them (all of them) to know how to behave out in public. Mairead walks, Lilah is in the cart, and I wear Clara in my fleece pouch from Kangaroo Korner. If they show good behavior, then they get to eat the dum-dum pop they got from the dance studio halfway through the store.

Once that was done, we headed home. The girls played......fought.......played......fought. Lilah was throwing things, and misbehaving. Mairead was upset that Lilah was throwing the toys she was playing with. Lunch finally came, and then nap/rest time.......ah, in the nick of time. Clara crashed! Lilah did, too! Mairead is now resting in our bedroom. I am so lucky all three of my girls nap/rest at the same time each day, it surely gives me time to regroup myself, have a little "me" time, and clean up the house.

I just had a nice, peaceful lunch, and hoping for a more enjoyable afternoon with my girls.


  1. goodness our lives are so similar it makes me chuckle. There is a unique dynamic with having all girls. My girls are head over heels for one another, but there are times when they need SPACE! Space from one from! As I write this Leah is napping, Mayah is having computer time, and Chiara is drawing. We really do not have nap time every day (rarely for the big girls now) but we have quiet and alone time.
    Funny...I not only get the looks in the grocery store but one of my closest friends here always asks me if I took "ALL" of them with me.....of course, where would I leave them? I feel the same way you do-if I never give them opportunities to learn the way they 'should' behave they never will behave. We did go through a season with Mayah where I just could not take her many places. I hated it. She was out of control though and could only handle small doses.....and that is all I could handle too!
    Ok, rambling on and on.....

  2. Hey Steph,
    I think it's extremely important to take the children out as much as possible, or of course they will never learn how to act appropriately. I have friends who don't and it shows when we take a field trip together. Ugg! It makes me not want to be around them. ( the infamous Zoo experience.) Sorry to be mean. I know we all have bad days, but you can tell the difference between a bad day and something that occurs all the time. The only time I don't take the kids with me is when they are sick or I am shopping for Birthdays/Christmas.
    As for dance,Not sure what your schedule is like, but is there any way you can do an afternoon class. That's what we did with Lily.
    It was tuesday @ 2:00 right after nap/quiet time, so both girls had plenty of rest and we were still able to get back home from dance with plenty of time to prepare dinner. Just a thought. Oh and as a rule I don't go anywhere on Mondays. It's my day to get caught up after our busy weekends, otherwise my whole week will feel like a monday ;)
    You are a wonderful mom and you are doing great. It's a tough Job, but oh so rewarding and fun!



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