Friday, February 12, 2010

Is this what you do all day?

 Kevin came home early today for two reasons: to go and get Clara's passport (both parents have to be present), and to be with the girls while I go get the massage I so deserve. Let it be known that Kevin scheduled the massage for me. He had given me a gift certificate last Mother's Day, and being pregnant, I never fulfilled it! Since it is my 31st birthday tomorrow, I guess I deserve to take a few hours and redeem my Mother's Day gift!

Anyways, we are sitting here in the kitchen eating lunch. The girls are chompin' on PB & Fluff sandwiches, Clara is in her bumbo watching us, and Kevin is just watching. Watching life go by. He then says to me....

Is this what you do all day?........sit, watch the kids eat.....does it ever get tiring? boring? As he shakes his head in amazement.

In a way, yes, it is what I do "all day", but it is so much more than sitting and watching the kids eat. Yes, sometimes it does get tiring, but only when it has been a day of whining, fussing and fighting. I would also be honest and say NO, it surely doesn't get boring. I always have to be on my toes, wondering what's going to come up next.

As we are having this conversation, Kevin had some leftover pizza in the oven, he takes it out. I take a piece (I had already had 2), that left 3 left for Kevin. Mairead then asked for her own piece. Then Lilah asks for hers, of course. Daddy left with one lonely piece. The girls wouldn't split their piece. Kevin squaks a bit about not having lunch, but here I am thinking "this is my life...why do you think I wait until the girls go for their rest/naps to have lunch???" They always want what you have, and then because they are so damn cute, you give them what they want.....not to mention, they didn't have dinner last night (see my previous post), so they are ravaged!

It is always something in our house, which makes it so not boring, and almost always crazy. My days are filled with three sweet little girls who fill my heart with so much love, joy and of course laughter!

The last draft was saved at 12:57, everyone was sitting quietly at the kitchen table.

It is now 1:02pm, I was on the phone with my mother, and I hear Kevin yelling "Lilah..................." - she pooped in her booster seat! I chuckle inside. This is what I do. I laugh at it, what else can you do? Kevin doesn't think it is too funny, but I do. I had him pick it up. See, it's never boring in this house!

It is always something in this house!

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