Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feels good to be organized!

It's been about one month since our Cameron Media System from Pottery Barn Kids arrived. I had been in over stimulation mode for over a month before this, and had to do something about our often chaotic playroom. The toys had no real place to go, and it drove me crazy! We looked all over for the perfect kids storage system. We wanted something for our TV and the toys all in one. We had seen this from PB Kids, but hesitated because of the price. After looking we realized this was it, and ordered it. We had a hell of a time dealing with PB kids. You can read about that here. Putting it together was a cinch. The only thing you had to put together was the cubbies, everything else was assembled. You just had to screw the sections together. The quality is pretty good, too. It doesn't feel or look cheap either.

Here we are now in February, and our toy room has been fabulous! It is soooo easy to pick up, and now the girls know where all of their toys are! The most amazing thing about it is that the girls actually play with their toys more! Before we had this, they only occasionally played dress up, but now, it is almost a daily occurrence. We have all of the dress up clothes in one of the drawers, and all of their babies and baby clothes are in the other, not mish-mashed in one bucket. You can see by the 2nd photo that the toy room was insane. It looked like this way too often for my liking!

Now, everything is organized. I still have to "decorate" a bit, and put some more photographs up, but overall, it is very, very functional! I absolutely love it, and I think Kevin would agree. It holds a tremendous amount of stuff! I may buy 4 more baskets and put the books, etc inside of it to look more organized, but for now, it is awesome!

I finally don't feel anxious when I come into the playroom. I actually enjoy being in here again, and I think the girls enjoy it more, too!

Here are some more "after" photos! We use the piece of furniture below as our "arts & crafts" storage, and we change Clara on the top of it. It works out great. We used to have our TV on top of that.


  1. You are a woman after my own heart Steph!!!!!!!! Love it!!! BTW-made the pudding frosting and was SUPER AUNT and SUPER MOM today! THANKS!

  2. Steph,
    The furniture looks amazing. I like the dark wood too. I definitely see an organized living room. There is something to be said about de-cluttering.

  3. Looks way better Steph ;)
    I know I can't function in clutter, so what makes me think the kids can. Taming the toys is an absolute must, and it's amazing how quick and easy it is to clean when you have the right tools & everything has a spot. I am so happy you can all enjoy the playroom now.


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