Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well child checks

Today after our playdate with friends, we headed in for Lilah & Clara's well-child-checks. We're a little delayed, but I really wanted to keep the kids out of the germy doctors office in the middle of cold and flu season.

Lilah had her 2 year old check. Dr. M was impressed with Lilah's language development and being potty trained already! It's funny because it is so hard not to compare Mairead & Lilah. We all know that Mairead's language development by age 2 was above and beyond the norm (speaking in 10-12 word sentences), so when Dr. M told us Lilah's language was "impressive", we were reassured Lilah is doing great! Lilah was a little apprehensive in the beginning of the appointment, but she calmed right down and the Lilah we know and love came out! Lilah weighed 22lbs (3%) and 33'' (50%) at 26 months. Our girls are so petite - I love it!!! She got two shots (polio) and her H1N1 booster. She cried for a minute, but went right back to sucking on her dum-dum pop. Then the nurse poked her finger for an iron level, and she barely flinched. When her finger bled, she said "oooh, paint! red!" It was cute.

Clara had her 4 month check at just about 5 months. Dr. M was shocked at how much Clara has changed since she saw her last (just before Christmas). Clara is right on target in her development, and even a little ahead. Looks like she has caught right up from being born 4 weeks early! She weighed in at a whopping 13lbs6oz (25%) and 25'' long (50%). She is following right in her sister's footsteps. If that statement is true, she will start to really slow down in her weight gain, and start to fall back on the curve a bit - we'll see in the next few months! It never ceases to amaze me to look at the scale and know that Clara has gained all of her weight because of my breast milk! It truly is amazing...We also talked about solid foods, and I discussed waiting a bit until Clara is several months older. We won't start until at least 6 months, and really at that point, she'll just get tastes of everything until she's ready to start chowing down on table food - more specifically mamma's homemade soupy soup! I love that our pediatrician is so supportive of breastfeeding and delaying solids. Clara also got two shots, and her roto virus vaccine. She did great! She just cried for a second, and once I started nursing her, she was good to go! She's been happy ever since. I'm so lucky our girls have done so well with their shots.

Mairead also had a blast at the appointment. She just loves going. It really is hilarious. She made sure Dr. M gave her a once over, too! She even wanted a shot - so a shot she got! She needed her H1N1 vaccine, too, so we were able to fulfill her request! The nurse loves our girls because they barely care about getting shots!

All in all, a great appointment. Two healthy, growing girls! I love it!

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