Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm not a short order cook...

When Kevin and I had kids, we both agreed we would make one meal and one meal only. If one or all of our children refused dinner, then they would not get anything else until breakfast the next morning. The only exception would be is if we made some weird food, then we would make then a separate dinner. Thankfully for our kids, we don't eat much weird food. I don't like spicy food, and different ethnic foods (curry, etc). Having multiple children does not mean I am going to make multiple meals every day. We are very blessed with girls who are very, very good eaters!

Tonight, I made a yummy chicken francese with spinach gnocchi. I've used this recipe by Rachel Ray a few times, but have made it into my own. It is really easy, and very good! The girls love chicken, and they like gnocchi, but tonight, was a no go. Mairead took a few bites of the chicken and gnocchi, and I don't think Lilah took more than one bite. I always feel guilty sending them to bed without dinner (and no snacks the following day), but it's a rule... They have both eaten this dish before and haven't had any "issues" with it, so I knew they liked it.

So, tonight, I am feeling a bit guilty. Our girls are probably going to wake up hungry, but I guess it is a good lesson learned and they will eat a really good breakfast! I don't expect them to eat every last bit, but I do expect them to give a good faith effort. They'll be happy tomorrow when Kevin and I have a date night, and they're left to eat mac n'cheese and dinosaur chicken for dinner!


  1. I love that you cook Rachel Ray recipes!!! LOL!!! We have a similar rule. Only exception is teething-Leah got pasta tonight. Actually, they can't leave without eating veggies usually. We call it a "no thank you" bite (giving it a try) and that stupid show Yo Gabba Gabba helped with this song...I tried it and I like it! HA!!

  2. Actually, Rachel Ray annoys the hell out of me! I can't stand her, but some of her recipes ARE good! :)

  3. We do the same thing. Even the no snacks the next day. I do go to bed feeling a little guilty as well, but boy do they eat a good breakfast the next morning.


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