Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love date nights!

Last night Kevin and I had a dinner out alone...well sort of, Clara came with! We made reservations for a restaurant here in Portland called "The Grill Room". It is an awesome restaurant where you can get some pretty yummy steaks among other things. I love the atmosphere, all exposed brick and beams, so rustic. We had really wanted to leave Clara with our babysitter, but she can be quite high maintenance during the 730p-930p hour where all she wants to do is nurse. She doesn't even want much to do with her daddy...just the boob. I couldn't leave her knowing she would most likely cry for the evening. It wasn't fair for her or the sitter, so along she came!

You don't realize when you have just one child how easy an infant is, but when you have toddlers, you quickly realize a dinner with a 4 month old can be pretty enjoyable! Kevin and I were able to enjoy some adult conversation, a good drink or two, and yummy food. Clara enjoyed all the extra attention from the waitstaff! She flirted, and smiled at everyone.

Kevin and I each started off with a crock of french onion soup. I love it. Of course, Clara started to get fussy, so I whipped out my pouch from Kangaroo Korner, put her in, let her nurse and I continued to enjoy my soup. Wearing your baby sure does make things a lot easier. I was able to enjoy my dinner, and she was able to enjoy a snack, too! Clara eventually fell asleep in the pouch, which meant Kevin and I were left to enjoy a quiet dinner all to ourselves. After our soup, we enjoyed Filet Mignon, Kevin had duck fat potatoes, and I had macaroni n cheese. We finished up our dinner with some fresh cinnamon sugar doughnuts with some vanilla ice cream. YUM!

All in all, it was a very nice evening  out together. I look forward to when we can start leaving Clara at home with the girls. It would have been nice to continue our evening listening to some live music at one of the bars downtown, but that's okay...Kevin and I were able to spend some quality time together., and that is all that matters...

It was a great night to celebrate my birthday and Valentines all at once!

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