Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's hump-day! We've been really busy lately, so I thought it would be nice to have a relaxing day at home. We have swim lessons tonight, so we're just hanging out together! Once I put Clara down, I brought out the paint and easel, and let the girls have at it with the paint! They loved it! As you may know, I'm not a mom that's really good at doing arts & crafts with my girls, so this was a treat! I would much rather be baking, playing games, pretend or OUTSIDE!

We've been having fun dancing and playing together! I love mornings like's days like today that I really love being a stay at home mom!

Here are some photos from our morning so far! Of course, I had to whip out my camera. I love times like these when I have an excuse to take cute shots of my little girls having fun and getting messy!


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  1. Cute Pics Steph! When I move home. (I am thinking positive here) I would love to have you and the girls over for arts and crafts. And you can be in charge of the baking ;)


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