Monday, January 17, 2011

24 Weeks

Today I reached a huge milestone.

24 weeks

For most pregnant people, the 24 week mark comes and goes without the bash of an eyelash. 

For those with an incompetent cervix or other high risk issues during pregnancy, 24 weeks marks a fairly major milestone. 


While, I would never want our baby to be born at 24 weeks, I know if he were born now, there would be a chance he would live. While I was pregnant with Lilah and had our emergent cerclage at close to 21 weeks, I counted down each and every day until I reached 24 weeks. With Clara and this babe, I have been fairly confident I would reach this milestone easily, but, of course, no one knows the outcome of anything, even those who have normal pregnancies. 

I would have to say this is the first pregnancy, besides our first, that I have felt more like a normal pregnant person. Things have been going well. I haven't felt quite as stressed as I have with previous pregnancies, and I have to say it is a good feeling.

I remember back with  my pregnancy with Lilah, while I was on bed rest, a walk outside with Mairead was considered huge, or a "gamble", then, with Clara, and no bed rest, I was nervous about caring for two children during the summer. I chased them around at the beach, and enjoyed a less stressful pregnancy. During her pregnancy, I never would have agreed to ski, or to go away for a weekend, I was just too concerned with the "what if's" - now, with baby #4, I am more confident, and I just hope it doesn't come to bite me in the ass, if you know what I mean. I have definitely gambled with more activity, like skiing, and I have to say, it has done wonders for my frame of mind, especially during the cold winter months with young children. With the others, I was always reluctant to plan anything more than a few weeks ahead because I was afraid of something happening. I feels good to feel a little more normal. 

I can only hope the remainder of the pregnancy continues to go well.

Next milestone... 28 weeks. 


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