Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Noses & The Cervix

Wondering what this post is about? Well, I didn't want to write two different blog posts, but, I have two completely different things to write about today!

Little prince legs...
Today, I had my regular cervical length ultrasound. I am now 25w2d and for the last 4-5 weeks the little prince has been in a breech position. I guess you could say that over the last few days I had become a bit OCD about this issue. All I could think about is "what if he doesn't turn?" and "how could I have a c/s with my 4th kid after three fast, easy deliveries" - so, I started to become a little proactive damn well knowing that the kid could still be doing acrobatics inside since he is still little...but, that didn't matter too much. The other day, I started doing some knee-chest positioning and back stretching (my back had been bothering me, so I figured I could maybe kill two birds with one stone?)....well, what do you know, later that night, the movements felt different, so I got my trusty doppler out, and the heart beat was nice and low in my tummy as opposed to up near my belly button....

A little prince hand up by his ear (hiding his face)
Well, my suspicions were confirmed! Baby is vertex! Or head down! and I mean HEAD DOWN......he was socked so far down there the ultrasound tech couldn't even get a sneak peek of his cute little face this week....but do you know what? I didn't care! All I cared about was that his little face was kissing my cervix :) - well, we had another ultrasound tech we had had several times before (she remembered us by having a boy who was "rather aggressive with his penis"), and she is great, too - we got to watch the little prince in 4d play with his cute little legs, and squirm all around - of course, one arm was up by his face, and the other.....well, take a guess! :)

...and a little prince hand
My cervical length was a bit shorter than it had been 1.8cm-2.2cm, not unusual for me at this stage of pregnancy, and to be honest, I am surprised it had been longer than this most recently, my cervix is usually this around 18-19 weeks. I really think his head being down there plays a huge role in my cervical length. My fluid was good and everything looked great. The high risk doctor in the u/s office said I don't need to come back for another four weeks, but, honestly, I don't feel really comfortable with that, so I will call my OB and discuss. I like knowing all the pressure and cramping I feel is normal and not because something not-so-good is happening.

..............And about the nose!

So if you read my blog yesterday about loving nap time, you will know how hectic our day was, and I was enjoying my peace and quiet, until.........

Clara started crying. That was my cue nap time was over. I procrastinated a bit and headed upstairs. I picked Clara up and headed into our bedroom where the big girls were watching a movie. I laid with the girls for a bit until the movie ended. I noticed Lilah had taken her hair out. I asked Lilah where her hair elastic was, and her response:

"Up my nose"

"WHAT!?!" I said. And she repeated.

I went and grabbed a bulb syringe and tried to suck it out, but didn't see anything up there. I asked her again, and she repeated that it was in her nose. Not sure why, but I doubted her. Never doubt a three year old when they tell you something like this.

I got up, and looked under the covers, and around the bed.

She says..."You're not going to find it. It's up my nose" And she said it as seriously as a 3 year old could.

How could you not believe a statement like that?

So, I tried to teach her to blow out of her nose. As she did that, I dialed Kevin at work to tell him we may be taking a trip to the docs....and then I hear

"I GOT IT! I got the elastic" 

Disaster averted.

Until round two.

Elastic #2
This evening as we were cooking dinner, Lilah comes up to me and says something about her nose. I was cooking and wasn't really paying attention, until, she starts to cry and says that an elastic was up her nose again. 

I grabbed the bulb syringe and no such luck. No elastic.

Then, I tried to get her to blow out of her nose again. And well, there came this big, red hair elastic...I'd say about 3x the size of the one she stuck up there yesterday.

Seriously, kid!?! What is my life going to be like when this little prince growing inside of me gets big and crazy like his sisters!?!


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