Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Little Prince's Debut

Today I had my regular ultrasound and cervical check at MFM. These ultrasounds always make me a little nervous because I just never know what to expect - I mean, things could be good or they could be bad, and you just don't know. 

The little prince has been super duper active lately. He's getting big and I can really feel him all day long, I love it. The last ultrasound we had we left without any photographs or any visuals of his face. He was breech and had his face planted in my placenta. Not the best place to be for a photo op. Today, at 23w1d, I made sure I drank a ton and ate a handful of sour patch kids before my ultrasound - that definitely woke him up and he was definitely in a cooperative mood today! 

23 weeks Profile (you can see his little hand, too)
Our ultrasound tech today rocked. She was so sweet and even though we were her last patient, she didn't rush us and actually took her time - I guess it helped that our little prince wanted everyone to see how stinkin' cute he was. He was sucking his thumb, hand, and just showing off. When the ultrasound tech started using her other transducer, I knew we were going to luck out and see his face today.

And there it was. 

The sweetest little face. The cutest button nose. Our little prince. 

Mairead recognized him right away and said "there's his face, mamma!"
Does it get any sweeter than that???

We watched him smile, grimace, open his little mouth, stick out his tongue as he took a drink. I didn't want it to end. I could have just sat there all day watching him. I have to say, seeing his face, made it real, well more real :) - I still can't believe HE is a BOY. 
Sticking his tongue out and having a little drink...he's gonna love the milky!

He looked healthy, measuring according to MY date, and weighing in at 1lb5oz. Just perfect. And breech, still.

My cervix looked perfect, too! Staying stable is what I like to see. When the tech told me everything looked great, I looked at her and said "well, I am glad skiing didn't do anything" :)

So, here I am at 23 weeks pregnant and things are stable. Such a huge sigh of relief. I am almost to 24 weeks and then I will start to feel just a little bit comfortable with the way things are going. Then, it's 28 weeks, then it's 32 weeks, and well, you get the drift. Get this baby as close to term or to term as possible. 


  1. Your definitely not going to have any shortage of cuteness in your house when he comes. Handsome boy!

  2. How exciting! Congrats on all the good news.
    What a cute little face! And the sour patch kids idea really made me laugh!

  3. I love hearing great news! Little prince is already so handsome. I have never gotten this far and I'm uber curious as to what they look like at this stage. My 24 week appointment in on Monday and I cannot wait. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i found your blog while i was searching for some sort of incompetent cervix community. your family is so precious so i've enjoyed coming back to check in on you. i'm so glad you got a good report at your last visit, what a blessing! i was dx with IC with my 1st pregnancy and was fortunate enough to make it to full term (it required 3 months of complete hospital bedrest, but hey, it was worth it!). your success is an encouragement to me as we consider trying for another.

  5. Nice to meet you Suzanne, and I am glad you've enjoyed my blog!

    Congrats on making it to full term - how did they discover it? I am always very interested in those who have IC - not everyone is as lucky as we are.


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