Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ah, Nap time...how I love you so!

Tuesday mornings are hectic. Well, almost every morning in the Ferrie household can be hectic, but for me, Tuesdays win the big prize.

This morning went something like this:

0745: I hear a little someone yelling "Maaaaaammmmmmy!" - Clara is awake. Uhhhh...do I really have to get out of bed? Nah! I'll hang out for a few more minutes. 
0754: "THE SUN CAME ON! MOMMY! The SUN!" - and there was Lilah....all ready to tackle the day. She obviously didn't get my crappy attitude in the morning! (and by sun, we have a good nite lite, that helps the girls tell when it is time to get out of bed - works great for us!)
0755: All three little princesses are awake, and snuggling with me. Do I really have to get out of bed? I could stay here all day! 

Unfortunately, yes...school starts at 0900. Oh, did I mention, Lilah has swim class at 1000, too...no time for screwing off today! I have one hour to get the girls ready to head out. 

Have I mentioned Tuesdays are not my friend? 

0800: I finally muster the energy to get my butt out of bed. The girls run off to the potty and get dressed. No time to shower this morning! Thankfully Mairead is great about picking out her clothes, and I actually was a good girl and got Clara's clothes out last night! 

0820: Everyone is dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, gone potty and ready to head downstairs. 

Yeah. No beds are made on Tuesdays in this house. Wait, beds are rarely made here in the Ferrie house. There is just no time....except on the days I change our sheets! 

By the time we are downstairs, Clara is yelling to eat and the girls are demanding hot milk....oh, and the two dogs are begging to go outside. I make three milks, throw some waffles in the toaster and get one girl a bowl of cheerios. 

0840: Girls are done with breakfast. Mairead is taking her sweet time this morning, so I had to throw a little fire under her A$$ to get moving! We have to leave in 15 minutes. 

0845: Clara is on the potty and Lilah is attempting to get dressed. Did I mention how much I love little girls who can dress themselves??? 

0855: All three girls are done with breakfast, and attempting to head out the door to go to school. But wait! Boots need to go on, Clara still needs to get dressed and the car has to get started - afterall, it's 2 degrees outside! 

0910: Make it to school, and hang out. We have to rush back home, get Lilah's bathing suit and I'd like to have breakfast, mammas hungry!!! 

1000: Swim school with Lilah. 45 minutes in a room that is 86 degrees - I am not complaining! I'd rather be inside sweating my butt off than outside freezing and miserable! I love watching her enjoy every second of her class! She's such an amazing swimmer for just 3! 

1055: Out of swim school and off to the grocery store. No food in the Ferrie house - time to stock up! 

1145: Done with groceries. $160.00 - pretty good considering I had been hovering the $200s for a few weeks. Finally, I got things under control - even the girls were in control - no fits, no Clara trying to climb out of the cart, and Lilah didn't run through the store like a mad woman! I even got carded for the bottle of wine I purchased - it's 50/50 on the ID thing - I sometimes think it depends on how desperate I look as to when I get asked for identification when purchasing alcohol! :)

1200: Pick up Mairead at school and let them play for a while. No outside time today, but the kids are just as happy exploring Mairead's classroom!

1230: Put groceries away while the girls trash the playroom in 5 seconds flat. I hate putting food away. 

100: Lunch time. Three girls want three different things. Today, everyone will have the same thing and thankfully they are okay with that!!! Lunch went by without a hitch and all three girls finished without any drama. Love it. 

200: Ahhhhhhh...................Nap time. How I love you so! Clara is fast asleep and Mairead & Lilah are resting in our bed watching a movie.....hmmmm, wonder if Lilah will sleep today?

After a morning like that, how can you not soak up every single second of nap/rest time????

I am trying not to notice the lunch dishes in the sink that need to be put in the dishwasher, or the cloth dipes in the dryer that need to be stuffed and put away. For now, I will enjoy a lunch in peace in front of our cozy pellet stove...

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  1. Oh a pellet stove!! My in-laws who live in Massachusetts have one, it's a lot handier then having to store wood- Brr!! I've often wondered how I'll handle the grocery store when I've got little tots at home. I HATE going but I really HATE putting the groceries away. It's a time your forced to be organized or you run the risk of losing the food in the pantry. It will be funny to see how I react when I have to navigate the grocery store with a couple little ones piled in along with the food!


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