Friday, January 28, 2011

Work or Stay home?

I love staying home with our kids, while most days are awesome, there are some that aren't quite so awesome.

We decided the other day to take the girls skiing at Sunday River this weekend. I am not getting any less pregnant (for the moment) and want to get as much skiing in as I can before I really have to call it quits - which it is getting close, I am not even sure my ski jacket/pants will fit tomorrow! 

Of course, Kevin had to work today, so, you know what that means, I get to pack and prepare! Don't worry, Kevin...I'm going to give you credit - I don't think Kevin or men in general really get what is involved when it comes to taking three small children skiing for one weekend. Honestly, I think it might be easier to pack for a week in Mexico as opposed to an overnight ski trip! 

This morning I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I just woke up in a not-so-great mood. I was tired. I wanted to go back to bed and the girls were well......not wanting to do that! I came downstairs and the house was just a mess. The floors needed vacuuming and I immediately became overwhelmed with all that had to be done in order to be ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning for a ski trip. 

I started my morning off as usual. Hot milk for the girls. Dogs outside. Clara on the potty, etc, etc - I could go on for a while, but I won't bore you. I call the dogs for them to come inside and one dog returns. We have two. I yell for a good 10 minutes for Emmie to come inside, damn dog. I knew where she was - next door begging for a cookie. In the meantime, I have a 16 month old who is ready to get off the potty and two other girls who are yelling for their milk. After 15 minutes of me yelling and screaming like a crazy pregnant lady, Emmie returns. 

As the day continued, it just continued the way it started - crazy. We headed to the grocery store - thankfully they were on their best behavior. When we got home, the girls weren't listening, they were making a mess as I cleaned another up. It took them 45 minutes to clean their toy room, and I use the term "clean" loosely - while they did that, I made banana bread. When I finished, they still were not done. In the midst of getting the girls to clean up and baking banana bread, I was doing laundry. Then making sandwiches - enough to last all of us two days of skiing - that's a lot of sandwiches. I think I made 12? maybe more? Oh and making the girls lunch, too. 

Nap time could not come quick enough. Usually during nap times I will eat lunch quietly and sit - not today. There was laundry that needed to be folded and food that needed to be packed up. Not to mention, cleaning up from the mess I made from baking. While eating lunch, I started to think how good Kevin had it! Maybe I should go back to work? Don't get me wrong, he's working hard to support our family and give me the ability to stay home, damn! staying home and doing everything needed to get done to prepare for a trip is tough work - especially while pregnant!!! I'm exhausted and all I could think about was going to bed at 7pm tonight (well, it's 845pm and I'm still not in bed...)

When Kevin finally came home, he was a good husband and got to work...there was still packing to get done (you know like my clothes and all the kids clothes), dinner to be ordered (pizza tonight) and a car that needed to be packed up. I was tired, cramping and probably not in the best mood, and he made a comment about "getting it" (not in a bad way, just as in he understood how hard it is to get ready) - No...I told him, I don't think he really gets it - come on, he's never been home with all three girls, prepared for a ski weekend, been pregnant and feeling like my cervix is going to explode open. It's not a whole lot of fun - I'm pretty sure he got the better end of the stick today - work! Maybe not everyday....but today, I think he did! 

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