Monday, January 24, 2011


We are animal lovers. That's for sure.

Having three small children, one on the way and two dogs sure makes for some interesting moments! 

Just because we don't have cats doesn't mean we dont like them, but unfortunately, Kevin is highly allergic to cats! Thankfully the dogs don't bother him too much, but cats are another story.

From time to time, Mairead asks if we can get a cat, or if she goes to a house that has a cat, she gets all excited. When she asks, we have to remind her about Kevin, and she always understands, but it sure doesn't stop her from asking.

I love that our girls are animal lovers! 

Last night, after bath, Mairead says out of the blue: "Dad. If you die before me, I am getting a cat!" 

She said it so serious! At least she's honest :)

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  1. That made me chuckle! Mairead is really something. (Well, they ALL are!) Hope you're continuing to feel well. I'm excited to hear how far along you are with baby boy, and in disbelief that time is moving so quickly! Lots of hugs from Ohio.


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