Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mid Winter Blues

Have I ever mentioned I am not a huge fan of winter?

Well, I am not. 

It's dark. It's cold. It's boring. 

I hate being inside more than outside. I hate that it gets dark so early. I am tired of arts & crafts. I am tired of baking. I am tired of.....well, everything winter. I want summer. Heck! I'll take spring at this point! 

Have I ever mentioned I am not a huge fan of pregnancy during the winter? 

Well, I am not. 

Wearing big chunky sweaters and layers of clothing, and pants that fall down are just not comfortable. 

Oh, and what about jackets? My winter jackets are starting to get tight. As soon as I zip my jacket, it immediately slows down at my belly, saying "Ummmm....this is not going to work!" - and I think "zip, baby, zip!" and you unzip, and it's like contents under pressure. POOF! 

I hate wearing clothes while I am pregnant. 

I hate having to pull my pants up all day long. And I hate having to wear shirts that I have to keep pulling down.

Oh, but I do have to say I am so very thankful that things like leggings, tights and sweater dresses are in for women this year! Can you say comfy cozy and warm! No pulling pants up....no pulling shirts down. Everything stays put and I feel a bit stylish, too! 

While I was pregnant with Clara, during the summer, people would say "Ugh! Don't you just hate being big and pregnant during the summer?!?" and I looked at them and laughed. "NO! Being pregnant in the summer rocks" - I love it! I love the fact that I could wear a bikini - yes, I was one of those ladies at the beach just letting it all hang out. There I was, in my bikini, chasing my two kids at the beach. That's me. I loved wearing summer dresses, and cute skirts with cami tops. It's like a free pass to walk around half naked :)

 Ahhhhhhhh..............summertime. I miss you! 

You know I am desperate of sunshine and outside time when I put my pregnant ass on a pair of skis and ski down a mountain. 

Seriously. I know, I am crazy, but you don't understand that I will go crazy if I continue to just do nothing during this winter while pregnant, home with three children who are 4 and under. I need to do something that I enjoy. Something that energizes me. Rejuvenates me. I need to do something that wears my kids out, too...and, damn, I have to say, skiing does that trick! WOWZA! My kids are practically comatose at the end of the day, are begging to go to bed, sleep all night, are tired the next day, and beg to go to bed the following evening. I. Love. That. 

That is another thing I miss about summertime. Tired kids. And an energized mamma. Don't you feel like you have more energy in the summer? People keep saying how tired I must be because I have three kids and I'm pregnant...well, yeah, it is tiring, but I think wintertime just makes you more tired. I remember being just as tired without kids in the winter! I was a super energized pregnant mamma during the summer - an energizer bunny, really...and during the winter, I'm just a boring, pregnant mamma, who isn't quite as fun as she is in the summer. I just want to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket in front of the fire and enjoy...

I am in need of some sunshine. As I lay yesterday morning on my couch soaking in some serious rays, I dream of summer. I dream of the warm sunshine and playing with our girls in our backyard, watching them run around naked, build sandcastles at the beach, and eating ice cream cones on our nightly walk down to the water after dinner. 

It will come. And for now, I just have to suck it up. And enjoy spending time with our girls and the family... Summer always comes...at the perfect time. 

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  1. I live in Arizona for a reason :) Technically, I live here because I grew up here BUT I stayed living here because I am a warm blooded person. Sydney + cold or Sydney + snow is a terrible combination. My husband bought me my first wool coat when we were married and I looked at him like he was crazy, "Dude, when am I ever going to wear this thing. It's cute.. cute if I also owned a scarf and was walking around Times Square in January!" Then he took me to Boston in January.. and I learned two things. 1) Wool coats are amazing in the cold, I wouldn't wear anything else and 2) I'm glad I live here. Sunshine anyone?? It was in the 60's today! :) The sun makes people happy!


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