Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One thing about Kevin and I is that we love to stay active and do fun things. Having kids may slow us down a bit, but it surely doesn't stop us! Last year (and this blog, too) we had the opportunity to start Mairead in ski lessons, so this year, we were super excited to get Lilah on skis, too! Sunday River has a fabulous ski program for kids starting at age three, where you can put them in an all day lesson! The improvement you see in these kids in one day is mind boggling, and worth every penny!
All 6 kids in the bath tub after an evening of swimming

Mairead & Lilah all bubbled up :)

This year, we planned a little ski trip with my cousin Sean, and his family. They have three kids as well, pretty much all the same age as our girls. The kids had an absolute blast together! We asked our babysitter if she could come with us to help with our little ones (Clara, 15mos and Sean, 17mos) while the adults and big kids skied. And, if you're wondering...yes, I did ski. Crazy, yes...but, honestly, I was so cautious and just enjoyed being outside! I figured that skiing can't be any more dangerous than walking across an icy parking lot, or whatever....I mean, hell, I trip and fall over our dogs! I take risks by driving my car, etc, and since I am not the type of person to just inside and do nothing, I had to get out and enjoy. So, I skied :) 

Lilah, Mairead, Tess & Molly all ready for ski school! 
On Sunday afternoon, we headed up to Sunday River to start our mini vacation! There is an outdoor pool and hot tub, so everyone enjoyed that for a while! On Monday morning, we woke up and got ready for a big day of skiing! The four big girls had a full day lesson and then the adults went off on their own. It was awesome. I wondered how Lilah would do considering she just turned three, but every time we skied by her, she had a huge smile on her face. At the end of the day, we had four happy kids! We were so proud of all of them! 

After ski school, all 6 kids hung with our babysitter while the adults had some kid-free time in the hot tub. The kids eventually met us down at the pool and had some more fun! They think swimming outside in the winter is just the coolest thing. Ever. Later that evening, the kids went to bed, and the adults went out for a bite to eat at a local restaurant. This trip was the perfect mix of family time and adult time! It was awesome! 

Lilah skiing on day 1 of lessons! 
On Tuesday, the big girls ventured off for their second day of all day ski school. Mairead spent the entire  day on the chairlift and Lilah rocked it on the baby hill - neither of them skipped a beat! Have I mentioned how much I love watching our little munchkins ski!?! It's just the best. At the end of the day, Mairead was tired and Lilah was more than ready to keep on skiing!!! She was so into skiing, so, I took her up the baby hill and she skied! She really, really did amazing. I am so proud of our girls! 

Lilah riding up the magic carpet with her mommy
Here is a video of Lilah skiing - (we didn't ignore Mairead, but she was all over the mountain, and we couldn't keep track of where she was!)

Lilah & Mommy ski together! from Stephanie Ferrie on Vimeo.

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  1. If ever there was a post for my husband to see, this was it! He grew up in Massachusetts and his school actually took them up to the mountain in the afternoons. He has always talked about teaching our kids to ski and snowboard and was SUPER excited to have a little girl once he started thinking about all the cute girly gear you can get them. I showed him this post and he thought they were all so adorable. We always ooo and ahh on the mountains when we see little kids with their parents. But before he can teach them, he's got to teach me lol. I grew up in Arizona- no snow in sight! Super cute post! Super cute girls!


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