Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today we finally had what I call a real snowstorm. I love how the last "blizzard" was so not a real "blizzard" and everyone exaggerated about how bad it would be. With this storm, it was the complete opposite. Every weatherman was afraid to call it and say it was going to be a real storm, with real snow!

Mairead didn't have school and Kevin didn't have to go to work! Snow day! 

We did arts & crafts, watched a few movies and just enjoyed. The girls were a little crazy, but who doesn't go crazy when their trapped inside!?! 
Mairead & Lilah show off their work of art

Clara enjoying some smiles with her sisters

Movie time! Willy Wonka
In the afternoon when the snow settled and the wind wasn't so harsh, we all went outside. The girls were super excited, and when Clara saw her big sisters going out, she wanted nothing to do with staying inside. I bundled her up, and she didn't even cry when I put her boots on! That's when I knew she was really ready to go out! The last time it snowed, we bundled her up and she cried almost the entire time, so she did awesome! 
Miss Phoebe (our 7.5 year old lab)

Mairead enjoying another snow snack

Clara watching the snow fall 

The pink marshmallow :)

One of our beautiful blue eyed girls

Lilah Loo Loo 
Clara exploring the snow

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