Monday, February 7, 2011

All day skiing + Lots of energy spent =

two tired girls who need a day to relax. 

One tired, preggo mamma who needs a day a week to relax. 

Skiing is a blast with the kids! They love it. We love it. We're all happy!

My favorite thing about skiing with the girls...

Two very tired girls who just want to sleep for the next few days. Everyone sleeps and sleeps hard! 

My least favorite thing about skiing with the girls...

Two very tired girls who just want to sleep for the next few days. They're a bit more whiny...they have selective hearing and just aren't themselves. But who can blame them! 

Yesterday, I probably asked a little too much of the girls. We woke up. Had a quiet morning. Got dressed and headed to the grocery store. Listening was a hot commodity at the store - they weren't wild, but they weren't in control either....they surely rode that fine line.

An older man walked past me and said "you probably don't need a gym membership with those three, do you?"

My response: "Nope. But maybe a membership to a liquor store would come in handy on occasion!"

And...I wasn't joking. Today was one of those days where if I wasn't pregnant, I'd probably pour an extra large glass of wine early on in the day!

We got home, had lunch, and our friends came over. They had a blast together. Only problem. No rest for Mairead. No nap for Lilah. A short nap for Clara. Probably not the wisest decision to have a play date today, but, the girls were excited, and how could I say no? Lesson learned. Always trust the mommy instinct!

What does that equal out to?

A not-so-easy task at getting three, tired girls ready for dance class. A 4 year old having a fit because I told her to go potty and to get her leotard on....A 3 year old who was on the verge, but held herself together because she remembered what happens when you don't listen and have a fit before dance class.

Poor Mairead couldn't contain herself and ended up watching dance class from inside the dance studio and not dancing.

I felt guilty. She loves to dance and had been looking forward to dance class all day...but, I can't let her know that it would be acceptable to have behavior like she had and still get to dance. It just doesn't happen...I felt better after her teacher told me she appreciated parents who actually discipline their children. Disciplining sucks. It's definitely not fun.

So, no dance for her yesterday...but, she came home, cleaned up and pulled herself together for the remainder of the evening. I am hoping I won't have to keep her out of an activity for a while, and she'll remember when I say "If you can't pull yourself together, then you won't be able" And know that I will actually follow through with what I say - which isn't easy to do!!!

And do you know what?

Bed time was a breeze last night. I am thinking this afternoon will be nice and quiet...I would be lying if I said I wasn't really, really, really looking forward to a bit of quiet time today!

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