Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helllloooooooooo, Baby!

Little prince sucking on arm
This afternoon, I had an ultrasound to check on our little prince. Now that my regular cervical length checks are through (just checked through manual exams), they are now on to monitoring my fluid levels since I have a history of oligohydramnios with two of our girls.

Once again, we had an awesome ultrasound tech! The baby looked awesome, and growing perfectly, with an estimated weight of 3lbs7oz at 29w2d according to me (30w2d according to them) which is the 50%! My fluid levels were normal with an AFI (amniotic fluid index) of 12. Normal levels are between 5-20, so a pretty wide range.
Little foot by face - you can see his arm holding his foot in place :)

And just his sweet little face...

Our little prince was anything but shy. Thankfully he is head down and was having a snack on his hands, feet, legs and arms - well anything he could get into his little mouth, really. I have a feeling he is going to be just like his big sister, Lilah - a big eater! When we had our frequent ultrasounds with Lilah, he always had her hands and feet in her mouth. When she was born all she wanted to do was nurse, nurse, nurse! She used to gorge herself, and then would projectile vomit all over the place :) - such great memories!

Oh, and PS........we just got word we aren't staying here in Portland, someone else got assigned to Kevin's job. We're still waiting to hear where we will be going. Looks like Boston or DC. Let's pray for Boston.....something is telling me we're going to DC.

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  1. Beautiful! Beautiful!
    Congrats on reaching another milestone.


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