Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We decided on a whim last Friday that we would take the front off of Clara's crib. Both Mairead and Lilah were 15 & 18 months when they went into a toddler bed. It took a few mornings of adjustment, but the last two mornings have gone very well. I am hoping it continues!!!

This is how I found our two dogs this you think they like each other??? 

After we dropped Mairead off at preschool, Lilah was quietly playing in the toy room...then, when she sees me approaching, she says "Mommy! You can't come in my toyroom!" Hmmmm....that doesn't sound suspicious, now does it???

Of course it does! She was taking her milk cup, and dumping milk into her play cups. Nice try, Lilah! 


  1. Oh our girls dump juice/milk from their sippy cups into play cups when I'm not looking too! Drives me crazy :)!

  2. Who says those things aren't "Spill proof"!?! :)


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