Friday, February 4, 2011

Cuteness Factor

I picked up my camera this morning to take some photos only to find out my memory card was full - so, I downloaded all of my photos from the last week (or two).

As I go through them tonight, I am just in awe of how cute our girls are...of course, some days, they are cuter than others, but after a crazy week, I am reminded about awesome our girls are! 

Clara has been so into climbing up on the couches lately. She doesn't jump. She just likes to sit like she's a big girl. We have a bench in our living room by our door, she thinks she's big cheese because she can climb up and check out any fun snacks in the diaper bag! Here she is showing off! 

Not only is she into climbing, but she is so into shoes! She loves to wear her sisters and her mammas boots all around the house. Here she is adjusting the fit on her mammas snow boots!

Then, there is Lilah, who will teach Clara all there is to know about purses, jewelry and dressing up! For some reason, I don't think Clara will be very far along in her sisters footsteps! 
I won't get into how the big girls learned about headstands, but lets just say it wasn't from gymnastics...or dance......or....well any extracurricular activity. All I will say is have you ever seen a 25 week pregnant mamma do one?
Oh, and in the past two weeks, we've had two major Ferrie family announcements! Two of our daughters are expecting! 
This morning, Lilah told me she was able to hear her baby's heartbeat! Hmmmmmm......wonder where she learned this from? (she is using my fetal doppler)

And yesterday while Mairead was at school, I took advantage, and cleaned the downstairs. Lilah asked if she could help.....Could She Help!?! She asked! Of course, she could! I will never turn down help! She cleaned our kitchen table, and then asked if she could vacuum! How could I say no!?! And could she look any cuter all dressed up as Dorothy!?!
To finish the cuteness factor off, our little Clara belle finally has enough hair for what we call a "Bam Bam Pony Tail!" - though, she is sporting a little clip in her hair here! 

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