Thursday, February 17, 2011

You're a tease, Mother Nature!

Lilah enjoying her bike! 
Living in New England you just never know what Mother Nature can bring for weather. One day it can be a blizzard and the next it could feel like spring! Just two days ago it was barely 20 degrees and the winds were blowing at 20-30mph. It was NOT a day to be outside! Today is an entirely different story! 40 degrees, Sunny and absolutely beautiful. When the kids stepped outside, they screamed with excitement "It's SUMMER!!!" - Ha! I wish...but I'll take this weather any day! While Mairead was at school, we went on our first bike ride of the year around the block. Everyone had smiles on their faces, even the dogs! Thankfully Clara's fever is gone and she is almost back to normal - she loved every second of being on that bike! Yeah! After we picked Mairead up, we went back outside for another bike ride. We stopped and admired the ducks down by the water at the marsh. It was absolutely beautiful! The big girls didn't want to go back home, but Clara was almost falling asleep on her trike, so back home we went for lunch and naps! While I know days like these in February are few and far between, it surely gives a small glimmer of hope that warmer weather isn't too far off in the future, though it sure is a tease! I want it to be warm and sunny every day! I'm done with winter!
Clara is loving it, too! 
Could Mairead's smile be any bigger??? 
My three little angels
At the marsh - isn't it beautiful!?! 

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