Monday, February 7, 2011


I wouldn't mind the title of this post "summa-summa-summa-time......" - but, I'd say we're not quite there yet! So, in the meantime, we'll stick to playing outside in the snow and skiing with the girls, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anxiously awaiting beach weather!

Last week we got more snow. Yes, more snow...along with the rest of the country. As of right now, we have about 20+ inches of snow on the ground. During last weeks storm, Kevin got out our snow blower and started making "Mount Ferrie" in our backyard. Not only did it give a fun hill for the girls to play on, it made it easier for Clara to be outside in the snow.

The girls had a blast going down the hill with their sleds!

I think Mairead would be happiest just eating snow all day long!
Even little Clara belle enjoyed being out in the snow now that she can walk without doing a face plant every time she takes a step in the snow!
Even our 7.5 year old lab, Phoebe loves being outside in the snow! How can you not love a brown eyed girl like this!?! Don't those eyes just get you??? And yes, she is as sweet as she looks!

And then on Saturday, we packed up the kids, dogs and everything needed (and that's a lot of crap!) to spend a night away (and go skiing) and headed off to my parents house. My parents were kind enough to watch Clara on Sunday while we took the girls to Mount Sunapee for the day. They have a great "learning center" which has all sorts of great trails for the kiddos. It was awesome, and the first day we skied entirely with both girls. At first, we were a bit cautious with how Lilah would do, but let me tell you, she shocked the hell out of everyone. That girl is insane.

We didn't think she could turn.

The kid can turn. 

The kid can turn almost on a dime. She just chooses to bomb down the mountain instead!

Yeah. She hit a few people, including myself, her sister and her cousin, but, thankfully she is about 25lbs soaking wet, so it didn't hurt too bad :)

Mairead did fantastic as well! She really is getting close to parallel skiing all of the time, and is so comfortable with it all. She is even doing great at getting on and off of the chair lift independently! I would have to say we had an absolute blast! They had a mini-terrain park area with "bumps" as the girls call them, and they would have spent all day there!

Sunapee2 from Stephanie Ferrie on Vimeo.

We are so proud of the girls, and it really has turned a long, snowy winter, into a fun one!

*I've posted some new videos of the girls skiing to the right labeled (Sunapee 1, 2 and 3)

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