Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finally. A plan...

So, they're not letting me go home. I have some scar tissue on my cervix (from cerclages) and since I am contracting frequently (and 6cm), they're worried about it breaking open and me having a very rapid labor (it's like my cervix is saying "no, I'm not going to, no.....and then BLAST! open" Not exactly the labor most people know to love and this is what happened with Clara. Once the scar tissue was broken, Clara arrived in an hour......ah, the joys of cervical incompetence...

The doc is stuck at another hospital, so she'll come in the morning to break my water. I'm happy with this plan. It gives the baby more time. It gives us time to get some sleep. It gives Mairead a pretty good chance to see her baby brother be born.

For now, I will get some sleep and start "fresh" in the morning!

Good Night!


  1. Good luck! I'm very excited for you and the whole family, praying for a less-painful-than-it-has-to-be delivery and the chance for Mairead to watch the amazing birth of her first baby brother! P.S. I love that your ticker says "32 days to go!!" With cervical incompetence you have to wish they had a more appropriate ticker for 36 weeks ha!

  2. I hope everything goes well for you.


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