Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hereeeeeeeee we go!

So, after I posted earlier, I thought "hmmmmmmm, maybe I should check my cervix again and see what's going on..."

So I did.

I was 5cm. I called my OB and they said why don't you come into the office to get checked. Perfect.

Two minutes later, the office calls back and says "Hey Steph, it's the nurse again.....So, yeah, I just talked with the doc, and ahhh, she apparently doesn't trust your cervix like I do, and she just wants you to head straight into the hospital."

OK. Great. So, I went into overdrive. Got the girls dressed. Changed our sheets. Did some laundry. Cleaned up. Made sure everything was somewhat organized and called my parents to let them know the plan. I knew once they saw I was 5cm they wouldn't let me leave.

And they haven't.

I'm sitting here. Waiting. Even though I tested negative for group B strep, I was positive for Mairead and Lilah, and I was always taught "once GBS+, always GBS+" - so, antibiotics it is....I got my first dose about 130pm, and once I get my second (about 530pm), they'll break my water and it will be show time for real!

It's crazy to think! Have I mentioned how I am so not looking forward to having to push this baby out??? It's exciting, too! Our girls are so excited. Mairead is worried she is going to miss it, but, as long as everything goes "as planned" - she shouldn't miss a thing!

So, of course, there is another active labor patient at another hospital, so I have to wait for her to deliver before they'll break my water!!! Wait. Wait and Wait some more!

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