Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Boy and his mamma(s)

It's no joke. Callum has a lot of mamma(s). Four to be exact.

With every diaper change. With every nursing session. With every bath. They are there. Helping. Hovering. Touching. Loving. Kissing. Caressing. Even smothering.

The girls sure do love their new brother. It's like having three little helpers at my beck and call. Even Clara is there to help!

The first few days home with Callum were a bit.....crazy. It was 12 days of anticipation - waiting for their itty bitty baby brother to come home - and there he was! Thankfully the "newness" of Callum has worn off a bit, though, they are all still very eager to help out. I swear the girls have a "nursing radar" on them - as soon as I start nursing Callum, this is what happens...

Clara loves to sit and read with me while I nurse Callum. She will touch his head and talk to him. It's the cutest. Her love for him is just so innocent and sweet. The big girls are really great, too - they are true helpers and are so into learning about how to care for babies.


  1. Precious, precious, precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or should that be 4 precious??? LOL!!!)

  2. I agree! Soooo Precious! Such sweet photos too! So happy to see him home, soaking up all that lovin' ;)

  3. That brought tears to my eyes! You all are truly blessed. What special, beautiful children. Hope to see you in person some time soon! xxoo


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