Friday, April 1, 2011

Ya gotta look good on the table!

It's official, unless of course this kid decides to play any April fool games beforehand, on Monday, I will be getting my cerclage removed at 0830! It is hard to believe the time is fast approaching and by this time next week we could very well be home with our newest member - or at least holding him in our arms!

This last week has been full of preparations for the baby and me! Last weekend I washed his clothes and have been organizing things. I've started thinking about what I will be bringing to the hospital with me and most importantly, been scheduling appointments to make sure this lady is all dolled up for the big day! I've been on the hunt down for some nice, comfy PJs - you won't catch me in those supposed one-size-fits-all hospital gowns - I'm not sick, I've given birth (that's a whole 'nother topic for a whole different day....." (though, I'll admit - I do like those mesh underwear they hand out!) Of course this picky mamma has certain criteria for "I've just given birth PJs" - they have to be dark colored (you know giving birth isn't the cleanest of things for the first day or two), they have to support the girls (you know what I mean...) and they have to be appropriate to wear in a hospital - no slinky gowns or silky pajamas here!

While I may possess a lot of qualities of a crunchy mamma, I also enjoy a good pampering, too! Today, I had an appointment at the hair salon for a cut and color and this weekend I will be heading to get a pedicure.

So before I start talking about primping - I'll have to tell a funny story about one of my hairdressers.

Before I had Clara, I went to the same salon I went to today. The "guy" who cut my hair is gay. He was hilarious and  I enjoy talking to him. When he heard I was due to have Clara within a week or so, he exclaims "Yaaaaaaaa Gotttta look good on THE table!" I will never forget it, and he's right! You gotta look good, or at least feel halfway good! 

I remember when I worked as a labor & delivery nurse and seeing some people with nasty feet - ewwwwwww! There is nothing I hate more than feet, and nasty feet are even worse! YUK! Not only do I want to feel good about myself while everyone is invading my personal space (if you've had a baby, you know what I mean), but I want to feel good afterwards. Having my hair cut and nails done just makes me feel human, and sometimes after having a baby, you don't feel quite so human, so, I do everything I can to help make myself feel normal - you know, as normal as you can after having your 4th child and being a sleep deprived milk machine all while chasing around three small children! God, I must be insane!

So, for the next few days, I will be preparing myself for childbirth and having a newborn again. Of course, there are still a few last minute preparations for the baby, and enjoying the last few days as a "House full of Fairies".....before our prince arrives and rocks our household!

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  1. Yikes! I hope my feet were ok when I delivered! (Actually, I wore the same ruby red slippers I wore during the cerclage, I thought that was fitting!)

    I'm so happy for you and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Good luck to you and enjoy all the pampering.
    I wanted to buy nice PJs, too but Jessie came before I found and bought the perfect pair.


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