Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is your guess!?!

Tomorrow is the big day.

Tomorrow will mark the third time that I have beat cervical incompetence. And I feel so very lucky...

Tomorrow, my cerclage will be removed and as I put it "the flood gates will be allowed to open"

It still hasn't hit me. And I am not sure when it will, but I know, I am so very excited to meet this little prince of ours, and I know his big sisters are even more excited!

So, we'll take a little poll - you can submit your guess by clicking on the comment button below this post:

1. When do you think he will be born?
2. How much will he weigh?

Here is a little background information:

Mairead: 37 weeks & 6lbs4oz (No Cerclage, induced)

Lilah: 36 weeks, 6 days & 6lbs, 0z (Born 6 days post cerclage removal)

Clara: 36 weeks, 2 days & 7lbz, 0z (Born 2 days post cerclage removal)

Tomorrow, I will be 36 weeks exactly.

So, what are your guesses? Will he come the same day as my cerclage is removed or will he take is sweet time and take a while longer?

Looking forward to seeing what everyone guesses!


  1. Hmmm, am I the first guess???? Well, I guess:
    36 wks, 4 days
    6 lbs 8 oz

    Will be thinking of you lots tomorrow and as the week progresses. Praying for a very smooth and healthy delivery. You have my cell....I hope a text will be sent out! ;) can't wait to skype and meet your little prince! Much Love to you Steph!

  2. 36 wks, 1 day.
    I think that baby will be 7lbs 1oz.
    Can't wait to meet that little guy!!


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