Monday, April 4, 2011

Stitch Free!

It's official. I am stitch free!

It's a weird feeling and not as a "weird" feeling down there but a weird feeling as in I am about to have another baby. I am about to give birth for a fourth time.....I am about to nurse another newborn. It is just crazy!

So, about the cerclage removal. It isn't the funnest thing, but it isn't the worst thing either. The best thing about it - the discomfort only lasts a few minutes. At 845 this morning, my OB removed my stitch. It took her a few minutes. The baby's head is just so so so low that it's hard to get the speculum underneath the baby's head (the head is actually in front of my cervix if you are at all familiar with female anatomy). There is some pressure, throbbing and cramping, but I just close my eyes and think of how worth it this all was, and then, it is over.

As soon as she removed the stitch, she did a cervical exam. I immediately dilated to 3cm. She said there was a band of scar tissue on my cervix (which is common with cerclages) and she thinks once that band of scar tissue breaks, that it will be very fast! After that, my OB sent me on my merry way and told me to come back in a few hours for another check. We took the girls out for a donut because they behaved so well, we came home and then went to the mall. I had no bleeding this time (I had some spotting/minor bleeding with the others), but definitely a lot of cervical pressure and throbbing.

When I went back at 1245, I was still the same (3cm), so, it could be anytime now. My guess is that it will be another 2 days or so! My OB couldn't believe just how LOW this baby's head is.....I have a feeling this will be another fast labor!

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