Sunday, April 24, 2011


This Easter was pretty special...we knew we would most likely have a baby boy with us by Easter, but we didn't realize that our baby boy was going to be so very sick with a small chance he would be healthy enough to come home by Easter. Most everyone knows Callum's story, and knows he made it home almost an entire week before Easter Sunday. Such a strong little boy!!!

On Saturday, we decorated eggs together. The big girls had a lot of fun and Clara wasn't quite sure what to do. We gave her an egg and she tried to eat it, throw it, play with it and pretty much everything besides actually decorating it! Mairead remembered how to do it from last year, and this year was Lilah's first year where she really "got it" - it was a lot of fun! They were so excited!

On Easter morning, the girls woke up so excited to see if the Easter Bunny came - oh, and very excited to be allowed to eat a piece of chocolate before breakfast! Before we knew it, all three girls were stuffing their faces full of chocolate. They wasted no time at all!

They dug through their Easter baskets and goodies the Easter Bunny left them - piggy banks, sunglasses, beach toys, candy and a few other fun things for them!

Once Easter morning settled, we had breakfast and got ready to head to my parents for a quiet Easter celebration. We did an Easter egg hunt at my parents house and the girls had a blast! Thankfully, the weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect for an Easter celebration (though not quite as perfect as last years weather!). We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed being together.

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