Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nighttime Waking?

I was up at 230am last night and then I couldn't get back to sleep.

I wasn't woken up by the little prince practicing his acrobatic routine.

And I wasn't woken up because I had to pee.

.........I was woken up by an almost 5 year old because she thought it may be a good time to throw a fit.

If one of our three children is going to wake up in the middle of the night, I could almost bet my life it would be our eldest child. It's just one of those things, she has always done it, and no matter how many times it happens, it still infuriates me and Kevin. (She's had fits about her music being too low, too high, one of her toys that she hasn't seen in a year isn't in her bed name it, she has probably thought of it).

You may think she woke up because she had a bad dream or because there was a monster under her bed or something of that nature. But...nope.

She had a fit over a nightlight.

Yes, one of those things that helps keep the room a little light in the dark.

Kevin went in there and she immediately lit up like a Christmas tree demanding for this particular princess light. You also may think that she could have been scared of the dark. But, you're wrong again. There was already a night light shining nice and bright in their room, it just wasn't the princess one she wanted at two thirty in the morning.

Not only was there a light already shining bright, but this particular night light hadn't even been plugged in for days. And not only had it not been plugged in for days, but Mairead was the one who unplugged it.

The "fit" as we call it lasted for about 15 minutes. After I heard Kevin struggling with a screaming Mairead, I went in, and I knew once I was awake, it would be tough for me to get back to sleep again. Mairead screamed. Yelled. Kicked. Acted possessed, really. We refused to give in to such behavior and that only fueled her fire, but we certainly could not give in.

Obviously, something "else" besides the nightlight was the real culprit. My guess: An overtired almost five year old. She's been waking up early and been quite busy, which has led to more whining, less listening and interrupted sleep for everyone. Unfortunately, Mairead has never been a napper, even as an infant. I just wish she would give in and get the sleep she needs, but she won't.

Ah. The joys of raising children.

I hope she snaps out of this little "phase" before baby boy makes his appearance! For now, she'll be going to bed early!

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  1. I've only heard great things about boys being lovely and mellow. My brother was happy as a clam, always smiling, always relaxed and cheerful as a baby and a kid. My sister was a spitfire and I was dramatic. When my brother came along (he is the baby) I think he balanced us out. Even now, we argue less and try to keep the peace around him. Probably the older sister's protective nature. So maybe baby boy will help balance Mairead out :)


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