Tuesday, March 29, 2011


While we know Kevin will definitely be working in DC come late summer, we do not know yet what me and the girls (plus baby boy - guess I should get used to saying "kids") will be doing - staying here in Maine or moving to DC.

For the last few weeks Kevin and I have decided to stop obsessing over the move (it was obviously too much as evidenced by a +shingles culture on me two weeks ago), obsessing over houses and just focus on the present, not to mention, focusing on our sweet baby boy who is about to be born. I was feeling like the disappointment of having to move was overshadowing our sweet baby boy - and it shouldn't be that way. We should be focusing on him! So, that is what we have been doing - occasionally talking about and looking for houses.

So, today, I called the local elementary school and asked them what I should do about Mairead. Should I register with the probable intent to cancel her registration or wait until we have made a definite decision on where we will live and then register her for kindergarten. The super nice lady said to register her now as it will be much easier than to try and do it later - so that's what we did.

I registered my sweet little Mairead for Kindergarten. It was bittersweet, surely.

Filling out the forms, and seeing the school was a bit of a tease, I'll admit. The process was painless and the school was tiny. I want to send her there. I want our children to go to a small school - but do I want my husband to have to travel each and every week to and from Maine? I'm not so sure. It's a tough call.

When I picked up Mairead from school and told her where we were going, she got excited. I had to explain to her there was a pretty good chance she would not be going  to this Kindergarten, let alone any Kindergarten. It was tough, but thankfully she understood. When we finished the registration, she was very, very excited, and said she was ready to start kindergarten tomorrow. Definitely bittersweet.

So, today, officially, our big girl is signed up for Kindergarten. Whether she will go to a public Kindergarten remains unknown, but at least makes it real for her no matter where she attends.

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  1. I have to sign our girls up too, I've been putting it off! It's hard to believe they will be in Kindergarten!


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