Friday, March 11, 2011


It's no joke. Our girls are girly girls! And I love it!

When our good friend gave Lilah a make-up kit for her 3rd birthday you could almost see the drool coming out of Lilah's mouth. I'll be honest, I cringed when I saw the gift, but it really isn't too messy, and the girls really enjoy it!

Since were hopefully in the tail end of winter (Please, God....make it stop), I am running out of indoor ideas with the girls, so this was a big hit one day!

Of course Lilah had to give a little tutorial on how to put on eye make-up!

First, apply to eye-lids - no mirror needed! 
Make sure you get it in the right spot, it's okay if you miss and put it on your forehead.

Voila! The end result...Pure beauty


  1. Hilarious! And thanks for the reminder of why I have not let it in the house yet. ;)

  2. Hahaha your girls are Too cute Steph! I keep telling my mother in law "no make-up" but she never listens. I hate the mess. I try to make it supervised play time with mommy, but somehow it still ends up on the furniture and the walls. lol So after they are done playing with it, it quickly makes it's way to the garbage when the girls aren't looking ;) I'm so mean!


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