Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Baby Getter-Outer

I've spoken before how our oldest, Mairead is very interested in the body, especially when it comes to pregnancy and babies. She's a girl after my own heart!

The other day, I asked the girls what they wanted to be when they grew up. Mairead's response:

"A doctor"

Me: "What kind of doctor?"

Mairead: "A baby-getter-outer type doctor"

I chuckled! How could you not?

(She even told my OB this the other day, and told her that she wanted to learn about getting babies out)

She then went on to talk about birth and how she wanted to see her baby brother be born. It isn't the first time she's asked about this. It's a tough call, and not a tough call because she couldn't handle it, but a tough call because it is going to take an extra person to be with just Mairead during the delivery.

She has watched her birth videos countless times in awe and asks amazingly appropriate questions afterwards. She loves 'A baby story' on TLC and knows having a baby hurts and some mommies cry, scream and yell. We've talked a great deal about childbirth, so I am certain she would most likely do just fine. I know how I have dealt with childbirth in the past, and know if she were to come in the room during the last few minutes, she would probably be awe struck and be okay.

I've been spending the last few days trying to plan out how it will work out - who will watch the girls, will there be someone extra around so Mairead and my mother can be present, too. It's a lot of planning, but I am confident if the situation goes as "smoothly" as it has with the previous three, we should be able to pull it off with the help and support of our family and friends. Not only have I needed to plan for someone to help, but I have had to start preparing Mairead for the birth if she were to make it. A friend of mine sent me this link, and it provided a lot of great resources. Some days I wish I could have a home birth...

It is a decision that will most likely come at the last minute depending on how the situation presents itself. Chances are it won't work out, and if it does, I hope it bodes to be an unforgettable memory for her watching her baby brother come into this world.

I just have to add another question from Mairead today:

"When babies come out, do they just rip a hole in your pants?" :)

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