Monday, March 28, 2011

Wasting my time with stupidity!

I hate when people waste my time.

I hate when people waste my time while I am preparing to have my fourth kid.

I also have no tolerance for stupid people who waste my time.

Last weekend, I went hog on the upstairs and cleaned out all the girls clothes, including baby clothes. I sorted them into keep (I plan on making a quilt with all of our special baby clothes), sell and use for mud season (if you live in Maine, you understand).

I came up with bags and bags and bags of clothing, so I decided to put some of it on Craigslist.

First, I put up an entire trash bag FULL of onesies, blankets, PJs, bibs, socks, etc.

This lady emailed to tell me she wanted the stuff and her father would be over the following day to pick it up. I told her I also had other brand name clothing for sale. She wasted my time for about an hour and forced me to separate things into sizes (which I had to do anyways). At the very end, she said she was still trying to get someone to drive to our town to pick them up. Never heard from her again. Thanks for wasting my time, I surely didn't have to go through these clothes on a Saturday evening.


Then, this morning, I posted some newborn up to 6 month clothing. All brand name clothing in excellent condition. I received an email from another girl. My "stupid" alert should have gone off right from the get-go, but, I guess I had sucker written across my Craigslist ad and I fell for it.

Here is her initial email:
" how much do u want for ur clothing"

My thought: Didn't you read my post? Which post are you referring to? The PJ/onesies or the clothes? I said make me an offer. 

Her response: 
 "all of it? what brands do u have"

My thought: Seriously? Did she NOT read my post? It listed all the brands. And responded with the clothes I had, pretty much a regurgitation of my post. 

Then she starts asking if she can buy certain brands. I told her no, I didn't have time to sort through everything. Again. Im becoming annoyed.

Then asks if I have a pic of the clothes. Then says, well just the lot of clothes, not individual photos. Gee, how nice of her.

Then, proceeds to tell me she lives in Rockland, Maine. Not close to here. Now, I KNOW I put our location on the post. Does this girl not know how to read? I am thinking not.

So, after all that stupidity, I tell her we live near Portland, and she says "Yeah, that's too far"........................

WOW. I'm sure she's a winner.

So, after that, we headed to the grocery store for a weekly food order. I'm obviously pregnant. It's obvious we have three, young girls. Boy, did the comments fly today! Let's see.....

1. "Wow! What cute girls you have!...........OH! And you're pregnant too!?! Wow. Another girl or a boy?" and I responded with "A boy." and she says "Oh, good! Now you can stop trying!"

HA HA HA! Yeah. Right lady. We would have kept going. And going. And going to get a boy.

2. This one was at the cash register. More winners there, too. "OH! You have three girls?!?!"

Um yeah, that's right. and then I move away from the cart and this not-so-bright woman (probably in her 30s....but believe me, I think her brain cells were few and far in between) says:

"And you're having another one! Wow! What are they a year apart or something?"

Me: "Um, about 20 months or so" and go back to emptying my cart. Becoming very, very annoyed after the influx of stupidity in people I am experiencing today.

"Oh wow. Good for you. Are you having a boy? Because if you are, then you can stop right there and no need to keep trying!"

Was that lady for real? Do people really, really think that we would keep having children until we "got our boy" or do people ever think that there are some people in this world would be happy with either a BOY or a GIRL???

I wish I could stop there, but the lady kept going on and on. The cashier was even rolling her eyes (who is usually our cashier every Monday). The cashier would try to talk to me, and the annoying lady would keep interrupting with the stupidest of comments.

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, but is it me, or are these people lacking some serious brain cells???


  1. I can't stop laughing...I just can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, if you were having a girl you would get the "stupid" comments I get...."are you going to try again?" "Oh, you must be sad." "Well, I guess that will be easier." " I feel bad for your husband." " Just wait until they are all teenagers!"
    Or my favorite...not even what they say, but the look of horror.
    People would be stupid no matter what the gender of your baby! HA!

  2. :) I am glad you thought it was as funny as I did when I was writing it! Kevin said he laughed, but thought it was a little mean.......I said "I'm pregnant. I don't have a tolerance. And if people don't have a sense of humor for this crap, well, oh well!"

    Yes, no matter what, when you have more than a few kids, the comments FLY and people think they can just say whatever!

  3. Hahahha! People are soooo dumb. Next time, just tell them "No - we're going to try and beat that family that has 19 kids. I really want my own show on TLC. This is only the beginning!"

    Also, I tried to sell my wedding dress on Craigslist. The only interest I got was from African kings whose daughters were marrying princes... "I send agent to pick up and arrange payment." Um... no? And "how much for the dress? Can you ship it to my agent?" Um.... no? READ THE POST, people. It has all the info you will ever need!!!! Sheesh......

  4. I still get asked whether or not I want a girl or boy when I'm pregnant again, I have zero tolerance for it especially when it's people who know we lost Claire. I must give a scathing look or glare because they usually answer the question for themselves: "you probably don't care.." Nope!

  5. People actually say that to you? Oh my, now that is insensitive and just rude. I am sorry you have to deal with that. People just don't get it and that is a perfect example. I just don't understand how so many people get wrapped up with the sex of a baby and not the health....

    HAHAHA! Elizabeth...I remember trying to sell a car way back when and having to deal with all those weirdos! The one major downfall to CL :)

  6. People say the oddest things and of all the pregnant people that I know right now, most of them were/are very vocal about their gender "preference." My best friend is having her fourth boy and that'll be her last, my husband's coworker has all girls and he's done too. Whatever you get, in whatever combination, I think is fantastic. I'll take however many I can get! :)


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