Sunday, March 13, 2011

Under Pressure

My cervix that is...

The last week I swear the baby has piled on weight and really dug himself far, far down into my pelvis (I swear, he's right there just waiting...). Those two things have really started making things uncomfortable at times, along with the increased cramping.

Tomorrow, I am 32 weeks pregnant and I honestly do not remember the pressure being this uncomfortable so often throughout the day at this point - maybe it was, and maybe all my pregnancies are just running together, but one thing is for certain - it definitely makes me a little worried about how much more uncomfortable things can/will get.

I am sure the pressure and cramping with a 4th pregnancy is probably pretty normal at this stage, but throw in a cerclage and it just makes it worse. The tension placed on my cervix is just uncomfortable - throbbing, like my cervix wants to open on up. Add on a 23lb toddler who needs to be carried, lifted out of cars, carts, etc, and it just doesn't help - thankfully, she's in a toddler bed, so I don't have to lift her in and out of cribs.

So, for now, I'll just try and be good, and think that no bleeding means I am not dilating any more than I am now.  Next OB appointment is Wednesday...we'll see!


  1. At only 28 weeks I am feeling the pressure and lower back pain. My belly is tight often and I swear there is a target placed on my bladder! I have had to give up picking up Miss Leah since she is at least 30 lbs-and she is still in a crib. I am looking forward to my appointment Monday to see if I am still measuring big. I can't imagine having this pressure with a cerclage.

  2. I figured as long as I am not spotting, my cervix can't be changing that much. Thankfully my back doesn't hurt during the day, but gosh, I don't think my crotch could feel any more throbbing and pulling! Not a fun feeling.....Kevin's response "Guess I'm not gettin' lucky tonight..." :) hahaha - Poor guy!


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