Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I know I am big and pregnant when...

1. Even maternity clothes are too small and I refer to the clothes that do "fit" as "big girl" clothes.
2. My belly hangs out at the bottom of shirts no matter how hard I try to keep my shirts down.
3. I avoid laughing in public because I am afraid I may wet myself.
4. I start dreaming about wearing the mesh underpants after you have a baby because secretly, they really are pretty comfortable.
5. I feel as though I am carrying a bowling ball between my legs.
6. I forget thoughts mid sentence or people start looking at me funny because I totally don't make sense when I do talk.
7. I avoid yelling at my kids because I am afraid I may wet myself.
8. my kids tell me "that" shirt is getting too small for me...as if I didn't already know.
9. I think vacuuming and washing the floors is a lot of fun.
10. I can go from sweet to bitchy in 0-60 seconds.....oh wait, that's even when I'm not pregnant! ;)

Hmmmmmm.....Anything else I can add?

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  1. lol re: the mesh underwear. I hear ya. It was described to me as being horrible, but for its purpose- it works really well! (and I can imagine it'd be great when your so close to term because its soooo stretchy!)


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