Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shingles? & More Due Date SAGA! Cerclage removal.........

Ahhhhhh....mornings like these make my head spin! Fast.

I had a regularly scheduled OB appointment with my favorite OB. She's awesome. My age and actually knew a lady I used to work with. Any-who, I was glad to see her because I wanted to talk to her about delivering me.

Well, last week I tested positive for strep throat - It's been a rough month for sickness for me. I am not a sick person.....never sick, but with colds, strep and a stomach bug, I'm over it. On Sunday, I developed (you may want to stop reading here if you're squeamish) a rash on my.....arss. A small one, but it packed a decent amount of punch. A burny (is that a word???) itchy sensation. I figured I'd see my doc on Wednesday and as long as it didn't get worse, I'd just deal with it. On Monday, it was better. Then last night, I felt another (smaller) spot on my......ummmmm....ass. On my butt cheek. Same look. Same feel. So today, I had my OB look at it. She did some viral/bacterial cultures on it and thought it could be bacterial and prescribed meds. She told me to try and get in with my regular doc today to take a closer look at it just to be sure.

She checked my cervix and I am still 1cm/50%. Her comment "OH MY. His head is right there!!!" - Yeah, I know. Believe me. She talked about the potential of doing some steriods for the baby's lungs, but, for now, we will hang tight since there aren't any changes. I asked her if she could "special" me, meaning, have her deliver me. At first, she was apprehensive because she has a small infant, but once we talked about my "history", she said she'd schedule the cerclage herself and plan it that way....Awesome. Looks like she'll probably deliver him!

Overall, a decent appointment.

Then, as if one appointment wasn't enough, I made my way to my regular doctors office to have my arss looked at. Thankfully, they took me right in and Kevin met me there, too, to help with the girls. He took one look at it and said it looked viral to him, more like shingles! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, he did more cultures, consulted with OB and said not to take antibiotics, but to take an anti-viral. I just can't help but think this isn't shingles.....I asked the doc why I wasn't in pain and he said it was probably a mild case. Great. This is just great. I just hope the cultures come back as nothing.....or not shingles or anything like that!

As if that wasn't enough drama for my little morning, I get a call from my OB asking me what was going on about my due date. I laughed at her. She was the only doc I hadn't pleaded my case to. You can read about my Due Date Debate or other posts. She was like "but he is measuring according to your dates consistently from 9 weeks!" - and I laughed and said "Yes, but no one has listened to me, and I gave up." - She said she looked through every single ultrasound report and said that my baby was NOT 12 days behind my LMP, and was going to go by my LMP/Ultrasound dates.........So what the heck does that mean??????????

She is scheduling my cerclage for APRIL 4th!!!!!!! Not April 11th!!!!! ONE WEEK EARLY. She is changing my due date, which means, I am 33w1 DAY........NOT 32w1D by me........and NOT 31w4d by the other docs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew. I'm exhausted just writing about it. So, all before 130pm, this has been my day.


  1. oh my gosh that's so close! It sounds like he's already preparing to come when the cerclage is out. I'm glad the cerclage has been able to thwart him thus far, but not for much longer! I can't imagine you would labor for long if he is so close, he is such a considerate little man already! :)

  2. Oh Steph ;(
    So sorry you've been so sick! Being sick is aweful but while pregnant, it just plain torturous! I really hope you don't have shingles. Kev got that this winter when he was in the hosp this winter. Yuck! I'll be praying. I can't believe he's almost here. So wishing I could be there for you. Our girls would have so much fun playing together and I could give you a little break. Hope you get some rest. Hang in there!


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