Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Due Date Debate

I am seriously getting annoyed.

Anyways, had a regular OB appointment today. Met the 2nd of two new docs in the practice. I liked her, a lot. I think she fits in well with the other docs there, unlike the one I met last time. She was very nice, easy to talk to, and seemed fairly laid back.

I talked to her about my "due date debate". I have three due dates...

May 2nd - which is my last menstrual period date and the date in which MFM (high risk docs) are using. They say since the baby is measuring within ONE week of this date, they won't change it. 
May 9th - date based on my 9 week ultrasound and every single ultrasound I have had since 9 weeks, not to mention, it correlates perfectly with when I ovulated and got pregnant. I am 100% sure of that.
May 14th - the date the OB office is using based on a 5 week ultrasound. This ultrasound wasn't even done at an obstetrical place, so I don't have much faith in this one and the doc today even agreed on that one! 

I spoke to the OB about the dates and how the May 9th date is the accurate one. After I "pleaded" my case, she agreed, but since the doc from last time wrote a note about me discussing it with her, she wasn't comfortable going behind her back to change it - which I completely understand. I know you're probably thinking, it's only a few days...but, in my world a few days is a lot. I tend to carry my babies super duper low and by 36 weeks, their heads are so unbelievably low and I am quite uncomfortable. Think about stitches keeping your cervix closed and a 6-7lb body/head pushing down on it....ouch. I can feel the tension and it isn't nice. The pressure is just intense and I dread it! 

Anyways, I just don't get it. They are going by one measly ultrasound that wasn't even done at a place that does OB ultrasounds regularly. The date does even come close to correlating with when I know I became pregnant (and ovulated), let alone 25 days INTO my cycle and Kevin being deployed to the oil spill. I'm annoyed, but I think we will get this settled sooner than later! 

Other than that, just a typical OB appointment. I'll be going back in two weeks....can't wait! :)


  1. So which date are they going with? I mean the docs. I know you're going with May 9th.

    I had a similar thing happen. I was Aug 23rd all the way along, but then (and I'm not really sure why) they changed by date to Aug 25th when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Maybe two days seem like no big deal, but for someone who was on mag 4 times and had a 24 hour leg-port of turbuteline (sp?) for six weeks, 2 days was a huge deal to me. Talk about uncomfortable...36 weeks with twins, both head down and combined weight of 14lbs 7 oz. Good Lord Almighty...uncomfortable is not the word.

  2. High risk docs are going with May original due date. They refuse to change it because he has been measuring within ONE week of my due date..

    My regular OBs want May 13th because that is my very 1st ultrasound, done at a NON OB ultrasound place, and the ONLY ultrasound with that date. It's full of crap. I could see if the baby measured to that date on multiple occasions, but he has done anything BUT.

    That must have been horrible for you...Mag is horrid, I've never been on it (thankfully), but I've taken care of women who were, and it looks miserable.

    I know a few days doesn't make a difference, and can't hurt him - only help...but Clara was also 7lbs at 36w2d and I'm a bit worried with his potential weight...

    UGH. Annoyed :)


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