Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lilah Loo Loo!

Happy Birthday to the funniest, sweetiest and craziest Lilah Loo I know!!!

 I don't even know where to begin. Lilah has brought so much to our family and has taught us so much before she was even born. When I was pregnant with Lilah things were so difficult for a while. After we left our 19 week ultrasound we didn't know if Lilah would be born too soon, premature or healthy. I was given an emergent cerclage, Kevin had to give me weekly progesterone shots and remained on bed rest for about 15 weeks. It was such a stressful time for our family looking back. Kevin worked from home for a lot of it and our extended family didn't really understand the gravity of what was going on. Having an incompetent cervix isn't something that most people know about, like heart disease, or cancer or anything like that - they don't realize the amount of women who lose their healthy babies to this. But, thankfully, our little Lilah arrived safe and sound in our arms and she has filled our lives with so much joy and laughter. I remember the moments after Lilah was born, it was just so special. I would look at her in amazement thinking how relieved I was to have here with us, safe and sound and perfect. I can't even describe the feeling...I think because I am now pregnant that I think about all the feelings we experienced during her pregnancy and birth that make her birthday this year even more special.

It just doesn't feel like it has been three years... I have written about how she was our biggest surprise. Lilah is special. She is certainly her own self and does things on her terms. Her mind moves too fast for her speech and it isn't uncommon to find her eating her words because she tries to talk too fast! She has one speed - fast. The last year we have seen so much change in Lilah. She has gone from toddler to a little girl in the blink of an eye. I look at photos of her from last spring and I see a different child. She is so happy, loving and sweet - though, she isn't afraid to tell you how she really feels, and well, sometimes it isn't always the nicest things! We call her "Lilah Loo" but her real name is "Lilah Ann" - when we call her "Lilah Ann" she gets pissed and says "I'm not Lilah Ann! I AM LILAH LOO!" She loves her sisters, loves to dress up in anything and everything girly. The kid may be an athlete someday, but she is as girly girl as they get, there is no denying that for one second. She has started dance lessons and is doing fantastic. She really, really loves it! She also does swim lessons and continues to excel in class - she is with kids who are 4-5+ years old, and has no problem keeping up! She loves to have her hair braided and loves to fall asleep in her variety of leotards and tutus. Not only does she love to be wild and crazy, she also is like her mamma - loves her sleep! If the kid is tired, she sleeps. No problem! It's hard to think if Lilah wasn't born into our family - she has just brought us so much laughs! She's amazing! 
Lilah & her sister, this photo, thanks, Mom! 

Her third birthday was just special. I think because this was the first time that she really has "got it" - she has been talking about her birthday for so, so long, and now, it is here, and I really think she enjoyed every second of her birthday weekend. The look on her face when we were baking and decorating her cake was just special, and the reaction when her family and friends sang 'Happy Birthday' to her...and only her was priceless - she was truly in awe, and I don't think she could believe we were actually singing to her. She was very excited to have "her very own friends" at her "very own birfday party". This year she chose to have a "swim party" at her swim school - it was such a great party for a winter birthday! It was just really, really great this year. I love seeing the happiness and joy in our children, it just makes everything worth it. 

Lilah enjoying her birthday party! Cannonball! 

Now, it is Sunday evening. Our birthday girl is fast asleep upstairs with her new pillow pet, Madeline doll and whatever else she decided to bring/wear to bed tonight. I kiss her sweet little cheeks, tell her I love her and thank our lucky stars for having the chance to raise such an amazing little girl. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Lilah....We love you! 


  1. I love the cake idea! What a great way to make them each feel special on their very special day. As always, your an inspiration that cervical incompetence does not mean a life sentence of no children. I hope one day I'm blessed with a family as big and beautiful as yours! :) We're shooting for four more. I read your blog and think, "Yes, I can do that!"

  2. Thank you so much. It makes me feel good that I can be an inspiration - to even just one person. Sometimes, I feel guilty for writing about our family because I know there are so many people out there who are struggling to even just have one child. I don't take our girls for granted for even a second because I know just how precious life is.

    There is hope. You can do it. You have a wealth of knowledge now and your precious Claire has taught you and will teach you more than you can ever imagine possible.

    I look forward to the day when you share that you will be expecting a brother or sister to Claire.


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