Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ah...The JOYS!

Of the holiday season........!

You know, the sniffling, coughing, snotting, puking and even pooping time of the year! 

For the last two Christmas', I have had a cold, so why would this year be any different? On Monday, Mairead came down with the sniffles. She was a bit snotty, but by Tuesday, she was much, much better....of course, on Tuesday, I had a scratchy throat. Damn it. Yesterday, I woke up, my ears were blocked, I felt congested and just felt icky. Clara was also a little snotty. Here we go!

As if that wasn't bad enough, I took an ambien to knock myself out last night and get a good nights sleep - and you know, whenever I expect to sleep through the night, it just never happens. So, when I heard Mairead crying at about 11pm, and hear Kevin yell "Steeeeephhhhhhh!", I know it's never good. 

I walked into Mairead's room and said "What's wrong", well, since I just ran into her room and didn't have my glasses on, I didn't realize there was puke all over her bed. Kevin says "She puked! All. Over. The. Place." Yah. then I started to smell it. I bathed Mairead while Kevin stripped her bed. We put her back to bed and yet again, it happened. More puke. This can't be good, I thought. After that, it's fuzzy....the ambien had kicked in and I was no use to Kevin. He was left on his own.....but, that's okay, there have been plenty of nights where I have been up with the kids and he has had absolutely no clue until the next morning when he says "Wow! The kids slept good last night, huh!?!" Of course, I chuckle and say "HA!" --- so, I guess, I deserve a turn to enjoy some of the absolute goodness of sleeping without realizing exactly what is going on! 

Today, I felt better, and Mairead obviously wasn't herself...but thankfully, it wasn't a day full of puke. I sanitized the upstairs from top to bottom with bleach and lysol....and I mean, stripped every bed, washed the crib mattresses down with bleach, and every thing that could tolerate bleach, got a good washing.....washed the floors, vacuumed and just cleaned until I couldn't handle it anymore. I baked some cookies for our Christmas Eve open house tomorrow night and took care of my girlies. 

So, here it is, 8pm, all three girls are in bed. I don't think it will take too long for them all to pass out. Mairead has only puked since 1 time since 2am....and I think the 2pm puking episode was from an absolute stupid mommy moment when I felt bad for Mairead and let her have a Hershey's chocolate mint after she downed a cup of water. OOPS. 

Here's to a healthy Christmas morning and praying that no one else gets the pukies......being pregnant with a cerclage at 20 weeks pregnant makes me very, very nervous! And a sick husband is never fun!

**Spoke too soon. Mairead woke up puking again at 930pm. Hope this is it! Oh, and note to self, red italian ices don't come out looking very appetizing! 


  1. Oh no! We went through that over here in the west and it was NOT fun. We went from stomach to head colds. What was awful was the 4 day delay between kids puking.....unexpected puke is bad. Praying the other girls stay healthy and you do too!!!!!

  2. Oh, Jen! You took my hope away....4 day delay in between puking! God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was kind of hoping we all would have just gotten it and be done so we can all enjoy Christmas morning......but! No! Please no!

    This is the ONE bug I wanted to avoid and the timing is just horrific!

    So far, M is the only victim, but I am surely not holding my breath. Kevin and I have waves of "Uh oh's" - but we think it's more psychological.....let's hope, right????


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